Tuesday, January 22, 2013

#NoGymJanuary Update V: What to wear? Cold weather running clothes

We all see/feel the weather. Californians had it last week, now us on the Eastern seaboard are experiencing FREEZING cold temps! I've seen a few people regretfully going to their treadmill complaining that they can't stand the freezing climate. I GET IT! I thought I was that way too. When I wrote my coworker last night and said, "Run home from work tomorrow?" I expected a reply similar to "HECK NO!" Instead I got a "Sure. It will be cold but worth it." So, what does one wear to venture out in FREEZING cold temperatures??? Here are my top picks:

First rule of cold weather running: LAYERING IS KEY! Be prepared to put on a pound or two of clothes. Trust me, it will benefit you in the long run! Layer from top to bottom:

Hat: I wear two. I wear a cotton Eddie Bauer moisture wicking fleece hat with a wool hat over it so my ears are covered.
Neck/face: Bandeau to the rescue! I got the one pictured below from the 2011 NYC Marathon and I had NO clue what to do with it. I finally figured out that I could put it around my neck, and cover my mouth/nose if I got too cold.
Gloves: I wrote these Saucony touch phone gloves. They were a bit thin but it won't be this cold that often, and I survived.

Tops: I wear 2-3 layers. I wear a tight fitting tank, then a long sleeve, followed by a short sleeve. I (Somehow) zip that under a running jacket!

Pants: I usually wear running tights, but I realized tonight that I should wear shorts in addition to those. Or maybe leg warmers or compression socks. Either way, single layer running tights in "Feels like 1 degree" weather can leave you a bit chilled.

I survived very cold running conditions, and you can too! Experiment, try out, and remember: It's better to over layer rather than under layer! Plus my first Kinvaras made their first run! Yippee!

How about you? Do you hug the treadmill with love and affection in cold weather? Run for the snowy hills in chilly bliss? Tell me about it!


Karen said...

I live in California and the summertime high is 62, the wintertime high is 48. It is perfect!

In a previous life or two, I lived in places with real winter (da UP and Alaska) and I found that on a shorter run, it is okay to overdress, but on a long run it makes it a lot colder if I sweat through everything. My hands get cold first, so I always have more layers on that than other places. :)

Emily @ FitMamaInTheCity said...

I NEED a bandeau. I was running yesterday and was covered except for my face. Miserable. The part I hate is the gloves... Can't change songs on Pandora! Better than cold hands though I suppose

Kristin W said...

Well this couldn't have come at a better time, but I feel silly for complaining ;) Feels like 1 degree?! I can't say I'd go for it. I am definitely glad I've been attempting cold temps rather than giving into the treadmill though! Now cold + rain...that's another story.

Joanna said...

Even though the cold hit us Californians, it wasn't nearly as bad as everywhere else. I don't know how you guys do it in the snow and freezing temps. These are good tips that ill probably never use because I'm too much of a wuss to run in cold cold weather. I wish I had the will power!

Meghan said...

You are SO BRAVE. Seriously, I refuse to run in this weather. I am such a baby!