Thursday, August 15, 2013

What do you do when you're sad?

I didn't think this toe situation would be this arduous. I knew I wouldn't be able to handle looking at it (When I finally did, I was nauseous for the rest of the day), but I figured I would bounce back rather quickly. Turns out you need your big toe for lots of stuff, like, say, walking. So, I had a mini boot{of shame}and a cane for walking more than a block or so.

That cane has made my right arm SO sore! 

I tried venturing out Saturday night. I figured, with a cane and a dress, surely I'll get out of my funk! Sadly, my toe ended up hurting and we had a very early evening. We got to go to our friend's annual white party, where everyone wears white (obviously). Sadly, she's also moving, so it was a bittersweet event!

I didn't know how to get out of this funk. Obviously watching Breaking Bad was amazing, but truthfully, I needed a change of scenery. With the summer coming to an end, I've been getting more and more bummed out to not be doing the things that I enjoy...aka breaking a sweat, roaming the city, going to the get it. 

Thankfully, there were some E babies visiting Connecticut from California, so I high tailed it home. They're not babies anymore...but their mommy has one on the way!
I want to kiss those little piggies!

Being home has been relaxing. I've lunched with my nieces, gone shopping, lounged by the pool, enjoyed (too many cups of) coffee, seen old friends in new houses, and let Lambeau "roam the countryside". 

Happy views for happy feet.

Finally, today, I put sneakers on for a walk. Yes, that's right, A WALK! Shoes on BOTH feet! I think I overdid it in the beginning, so I waited to put sneakers on until today. They fit! Swelling has gone down! Yippee! We took a 30 minute walk, much to E2's chagrin...I had to carry her a bit. Little Bitty 3 year-old legs get tired Aunty Kristin!

Lambeau could go for days on these kinds of walks!

So, here are some tips for snapping out of non-exercise sadness:

1. Eat Dairy Queen Blizzards. No, I'm kidding. No I'm not. They're magical.

2. Change your scenery. Get out of where you've been daily, go visit someone if possible. Even going to a Starbucks could stimulate you for some positive vibes.

3. Talk with cute kids. I'm sure you know SOMEONE with a child who would love free babysitting! It's so refreshing to hear things like "Let's change Lambeau's name. Let's name him "Good Boy Lambeau". This happened. He's been called nothing but that since!

4. Tell people you're sad. It's way easier said than done, but telling people lets them know you made need a pick me up or a check in text. Your friends/family/significant others are NOT mind readers! I'm so thankful for caring friends!!! So many have been checking up on me. It makes me feel better every time.

I know that this too shall pass. Again, I know people battling far more serious things. Mine is minor. The reason I am struggling probably has to do with the fact that I have never been injured as a serious runner. The mental side of this is intense! Also, I had expectations that this would be an easy fix, so I CLEARLY misunderstood my conversation with my doctor. I've never had so much as ONE stitch, so this surgery was overwhelming in terms of "cannots" during recovery.

How about you? Any tips to add to this list? Are you a power-through injury/sickness kind of person? Do you find it hard to reach out? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

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