Sunday, April 25, 2010

The half marathon - that was not :-(

First of all, I met me idol Ann Curry. She's one heck of a lady and nicest person. That lessens the sad story about to be told...

DISAPPOINTMENT does not begin to describe this day. All this week we had BEAUTIFUL weather, 60-70's and sunny. And today? Raining. A LOT. And cold, like 47 feels like 44. And it's 11am. Therefore, my 8am start time temperature was 44 degrees feels like 41. And raining. I'm extreme, but I'm not that extreme. And I'm SO disappointed. Ugh. Can't fight it, I just have to accept it. (I write this as I stare at my race outfit hung over my kitchen chair and my gu packets sitting my table...AGH)

At least I got a great goody bag out of the wasted $55.

On to better and greater things. What should I do when despondent and sad? Look for other races! So, I'm doing a tristate search, because NYC is anti race in the summer, and for good reason. (It's gross and hot and pavement simmers and sizzles at 9am!) So, here are a few I'm looking at:

X-treme Scramble Series in Hartford (I'd only go to 2 out of 3, I'm not out of school until June 28!)

Yes, folks, it's true. MARATHON without the world "half" is at the end of that list. No jokes about this one. The husband gave the ok, I'm going to get the ok from a Dr. (Which shouldn't be hard because I'm healthy as a horse), and it's ON! Here's the reason there's two options for the big "M":
- I have a family friend who works for ING in their marathon foundation department. Last year she got my good friend in to the NYC marathon. When she heard I was a runner too, she said she would've gotten me in as well! I asked if I could do it this next year, and she said yes. Well, we've contacted her to no avail, she keeps saying she doesn't know yet. If it's a no, just tell me no! If she can't do it, I'll be totally fine, but hey, I would KILL to be in the NYC marathon! It's a dream. Unless all my bloggers want to pay my $2500 charity entry fee, it's only going to happen through this contact.
- IF I am unable to do the NYC big "M", I will go with the close second Hartford big "M". This would also be a big deal because it's in my hometown and I would have a great support system (5 brothers and sisters and 12 nieces and nephews BETTER represent! ;-) ) So, I won't be disappointed if I do the Hartford Marathon, I would just still have the illustrious ING NYC Marathon hanging over my goals in life still ;-)

Ok, that's enough contemplation for now. So, final thought: I am running a marathon in the fall.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3rd half marathon....4th is 3 weeks away!

It's done!!! Here are the specks:

2:06.17 PR

THAT'S RIGHT! This girl got a GARMIN!

I ran it with my sister, as well as my friend Tristan! We had a great time. My cheer crew, Drew, Sarah, Melissa, and Bella were AMAZING! It was a lot of loops through Flushing Meadow Park, ironically the park next to where I TEACH! So, our cheer crew saw us 6 times I think, it was amazing!

What a struggle. I had bad allergies for 2 weeks beforehand, and wasn't training well with Claritan. UGH I was so dizzy! But God is good - I shaved 9 minutes off of my first one! (My Garmin had us at 13.1 2/10-3/10 before the finish! UGH!) So I have two finishing times...I like my Garmin's time better ;-)

I lost my sister Jen just before the race, because she decided to warm up, then go to the bathroom - it was like *I* was the older sister! I was so stressed! Thankfully, when I left my waiting spot to use the bathroom, some nice lady in line showed me how to set my goal pace on my Garmin! 9 min miles for basically happened! I didn't find Jen till 2 miles in...of course the passed me (Her amazing time was 1:55!). She jokingly told me afterwards that I didn't hear her calling me for a minute or so, she tried all my nicknames and everything! (Trust me, I can hear the McAuliffe voice a MILE away!) But she finally found me, as did Tristan a mile later.

The race was great, 65 degrees and sunny! Got a bit of color. It's all a blur! Crowd support wasn't great, but my cheer squad was AMAZING! Thanks again guys!

My next half is 3 weeks away. Contemplating the NYC half marathon if I can get in through a connection who works for ING...unless someone wants to donate the $2,600 for me so I can go in on a charity bid! ;-)

More Magazine Fitness Women's half marathon is out world, goal is 2:00! There were tears during this one and there will be tears through this one as well! 4 Half Marathons in 1 year is pretty darn good in my opinion.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and well wishes!

Ps. My hubby has been in LA for a week and a half and won't be back till Saturday night = I MISS HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!