Monday, May 17, 2010

Maykeover...not so much

I HAVE ZERO ENERGY! GAH! I seriously have not exercised for a few days now, and I feel even MORE sluggish! Plus we were puppy sitting, and these doggies had me up EARLY because they needed time to adjust to each other, and were therefore up at 5:30am Friday, 6:10am Saturday (My sleep in till 7:30 day) and 6:30am on Sunday (My REALLY sleep in till 9am day!), so yea, I'm TIRED! (But the pictures and snuggle naps were precious!)

*May*keover advice: Eating out.
- It's really hard to eat out and stay healthy. Many factors render this a lofty task (Can you TELL I just handed in my thesis!?). One factor, which I think is the most important factor, is the unknown. Do you KNOW your chicken was grilled and not basted in butter/fattening oil? Do you know if that dressing is low calorie/fat? Do you know how much cheese they really put on the salad? When you read the book "Eat This Not That", it really opens your eyes. Did you know Panera Bread is one of the most unhealthy places to eat...EVER! I went there about a month ago, and was taking a while to order. This is how the conversation went:
Employee: "Can I help you pick something out?"
Me: "I'm trying to find the healthiest thing on the menu." (Thanks NYC for posting calories on EVER MENU!)
Employee: "Ha ha, you'll find good food but you won't find healthy food here."

I got a sandwich and ate half of it. I mean REALLY?! A place that boasts whole grains and natural ingredients should at LEAST TRY to be healthy! It's a miserable story, because I really love Panera...and the muffie is over 250 calories! SAD DAY! And Starbucks, well, don't even get me started. SKIM MILK is the way to go; if you complain that you don't like it, get used to it, or get a coffee based drink like an americano.
So the moral of this story is: WATCH OUT WHEN YOU EAT OUT! Don't be afraid to order things on the side. I serve tables on the weekends, and trust me, people are specific for STUPID reasons. Why not be specific for a GREAT reason! Be careful about the following:
  1. Dressings. Any dressing can range from 10 calories (unlikely in a restaurant) to 150 calories per serving (Usually 2 tablespoons!) And the creamier it is, the worse off you are! Balsamic balsamic balsamic! Go for straight balsamic, it's tasty!
  2. Get GRILLED....I know that breaded chicken avocado wrap looks AMAZING, but it's not worth the calories. Once in a while? Sure. But keep it to once in a very long while ;-)
  3. Go for the skim latte...better yet, an americano with a fancy syrup.
  4. If you go out, eat half then bring the rest home! Or, do what I do, and share a meal with someone!!! (Just tip a little extra....I hate people who under order because they're cheap!)
  5. Most of all, EAT IN! Cook for yourself. We try to cook for ourselves even though we love eating out. I always feel better after eating the food *I* make vs. a restaurant. You always end up eating too much.
And finally: I HANDED IN MY THESIS!!! I graduate on May 28, it's going to be legend...wait for it...dary!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

*May*keover 3!

For those of you who don't know the origin of my blogging, here it is: The *May*keover! It has begun again. I'm sorry for not posting in April/the beginning of May, but it's not too late to start! Look at the link for some of the rules. I have adjusted some of them:

- If you need to eat something like sweets or drink alcohol etc, try doing it one-two times a week!
- Once a week, try a two a day! (Workout morning and night)
- Take vitamins!

I also have been using this to become a better "housewife", or home caretaker! My big *may*keover step: Washing dishes as I cook! I don't sit down to eat until MOST of them are done! It's been working out well, and I think, SHOCK, I like it!

Sorry it's so late, still don't know if people read this...let's see how it goes!