Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!

We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!! 

We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary on a "babymoon" in Puerto Rico! Catch you on the East Coast next week!!! Till then, here's a preview of some of the fun we've been having....

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gift Guide For Pregnant Runners

My, how my gift ideas have changed! This whole growing a human thing changes what is truly useful to me. Here are some great purchases I've made recently:

For Two Fitness shirts from $50-$55 
These shirts are clever AND comfortable! I bought the long sleeve and tank top. They are made with super soft material and will stretch as needed.

These sweatpants are so comfortable! They're lightweight yet warm. I love the tapered leg, no chance of me clumsily tripping over them! I recommend going up a size due to a slender fit.

Road ID from $19.99
This was my first purchase when I found out I was pregnant. I obviously didn't look pregnant, and wanted to take precautions in case something happened while running. It hasn't left my shoe since! (And actually revealed to a friend I was pregnant by accident!)

These are great workout pants with my "expanding mid section". Although I've only gained a few pounds, I can definitely feel my stomach getting bigger. These beauties have a wide waist band, allowing me not to feel like I'm muffin topping just yet! 

These are awesome. Once thought to be a summer fashion, maxi skirts are fabulously transitioning into fall and winter! The stretchy waist makes it a perfect addition to a transitioning wardrobe. I grabbed a a few colors!

Although it hasn't happened yet, foot swelling seems to be a common pregnancy side effect. I am ready with my trusty socks that have gotten me through marathons! Check out their sock of the month for 50% off!

How about you? What would you add to this list? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In case you missed it, I'm pregnant

How's THAT for a subject line!? It feels so weird to publicly talk about it. I'm not one for drawing attention (Though I run marathons with my name plastered on my shirt...), so it's been interesting to finally announce the big news! Here's how life has been over the past few months...

Weeks 0-4: Say WHAAAAAT? We found out right before we went to Connecticut to spectate the Hartford Marathon. We kept it to ourselves before I had the official visits etc.

There was a baby in there!

Weeks 5-8: Telling the family. We Skyped with our parents, but sent out this following picture to siblings because I have so many:

Poor Lamby posed tirelessly to get this exactly right!

I felt pretty good during this time, no real morning sickness to speak of.

 We went on our annual Bear Mountain hike!

I had my 29th birthday party, which was 1920's themed! Naturally drinks were sans the good stuff ;-)

Weeks 7-12: TIRED. I had exhaustion during weeks 4-6, but I attributed that to an audit happening at my school (earlier mornings, later nights). Weeks 7-12 took on a whole new meaning of TIRED. My bed time has been as early as 7:30pm, often with Mr. Miller waking me to "go to sleep" because I've dozed off. I've also experienced some pretty extreme headaches within the last few weeks. 

Exercise: HA! I've tried my best. I had signed up for a half marathon the day before I found out I was expecting, and was doing a decent job of training until week 7. To top it off, the conditions of the half marathon were ridiculous: 23 degrees but felt like 7 degrees, 4o MPH winds, and ocean water spraying up on the course. Yea. I made it 5 miles. I call that a victory.

This was a rare moment when my face was visible. Not the most flattering photo...

So there you have it. Around June 16, 2014, Baby Millz will be making an appearance!

How about you? What's new?! I've been out of the blogging game for a while...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

BIG News!

I won't be running any miles alone for a while!!!
12 weeks down.
28 to go.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NYC Marathon 2013 Weekend

For the past two years, early November meant one thing: It was almost marathon time! This year, the experience was slightly different. This year, early November also meant marathon time...for everyone else. I wasn't sure what my emotions were going to be, and thankfully they were nothing but cheerful! 

The weekend kicked off with a fabulous event on Friday with, you guessed it: NIKE! We got to check out their new store on 3rd Ave between 66th and 67th street. They offer lots of great services, including run club, lockers, and gait analysis. The NYC Marathon items and displays were also a nice touch to kick off the weekend!

 Fabulous window display!
Cornelious Bolton III interviewing running legend Joan Benoit before a group run!

After checking out the store, we headed out on a "mystery" 2.62 mile run. We ran over the Queensboro Bridge and ended up in my backyard, Long Island City! We went to a cool rooftop spot that Mr. Miller and I had been to once and really wanted to return to. Nike went all out. Drinks, food, DJ...after a crazy stressful month at work, this was the perfect remedy. Thank you, Nike, for an amazing night!

 Even the smoke stacks are repping for Nike!

New rule: Only going out in sneakers.

Saturday was a great day. I went for an 8 mile run, a PDR post toe surgery in August. It has been a slow road, but I feel like I'm finally getting back to some decent distances. I ran to Central Park, and the feeling was incredible. Although the finish line was incredibly crowded, I loved seeing it again. It didn't give me the same feeling it did the first time, but the memories were pretty amazing.

 Hello, old friend. Hope to meet you again some year soon!

The foliage was breathtaking. It's like Central Park waits for marathon weekend to go from beautiful to stunning.

Sunday was a day of cheer! We met up with my running buddy, who lives right off the Pulaski Bridge in Long Island City. This proved to be a clutch spectating location! We watched the elites on tv, ran down when we knew they were close, then went back upstairs to warmth and to munch on a delicious brunch spread. We finally parked it outside and cheered our little hearts out. It worked out that anyone I was tracking would hit the half marathon point, and I would know to look for them within the next 5-8 minutes. I missed a few friends, but saw so many as well!

 Oh Meb, when I didn't think I could love you more, I do.
 LIC welcomes you

The bullhorn was clutch. It allowed me to cheer and not completely lose my voice!!! We called out names and charities and so many people were pumped. We spent almost 5 hours cheering there!

The good running vibes were contagious. For the first time since last year post-Philly marathon, I actually thought "I want to run this again." Thank you runners, for inspiring, persevering, and reminding New York how great we are when we come together to celebrate!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE FINISHERS! I've loved reading all your recaps, keep them coming!

How about you? Did you race this weekend? Cheer? Stalk on Twitter? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Monday, October 14, 2013

A CHEERful Weekend

It's marathon Monday! Yes, indeed. It's the day after the weekend of marathons!  CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO RAN THIS WEEKEND! I feel like it's too many to name, but AWESOME JOB EVERYONE! Twitter was alive and inspiring me like always...alas, no trigger finger on a 26.2 register button. I'm not THAT inspired ;-) 

I had the privilege of going to cheer for Ashley and Laura at the ING Hartford Marathon on Saturday. Mr. Miller joined me, and it was a fantastic day to spectate!!! It was a warm day, and runners certainly earned their medals. Read about Ashley's 4th marathon and Laura's 98th marathon!!!

 Can you imagine I was so distracted by cheering that I didn't see her coming in the blue hair?!

 This girl is FIERCE!!! Such a strong marathon in hot conditions.

My childhood friend Stephanie was all smiles to the finish!
Finish line photo: So proud of these ladies!

A weekend in Connecticut wouldn't be complete without some scenic views! On Sunday, Mr. Miller and I went hiking on Case Mountain. We brought Lambeau Puppy because the trail isn't challenging; some minor climbs but a clear path on a three mile loop. HE WAS A TROOPER! I have never seen this dog so happy. Off the leash, roaming, and staying with us the whole time. Unfortunately in the last mile, he fell into a bit of a mud puddle that SMELLED AWFUL. He got a bath when he got home, much to his chagrin. 

I know I know...same outfit! IT WAS CLEAN I PROMISE! ;-)

We experimented with running. He did okay but enjoys sniffing every leaf too much to keep going.

Then, of course, there was cheering for the Packers!!! We got my dad to put on some Packers apparel for the juju. (If you don't know what that is, watch Silver Linings Playbook. There is no meme for this. So sad.)

It worked! WE WON! Also, have you seen the Budweiser Quinoa commercials? Hilarious.

How about you? Did you race this weekend? Did you do something "Fall"? Are you a Giants fan in hiding? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Marathon season!!!

Hello, strangers. I have been MIA. It has been a rough few weeks. Basically, everything in my job as a teacher has changed. Everything is new. Everything is stressful. Instead of moderate amounts of take home work, I have MOUNDS of take home work (In fact, I just remembered three things I have to do...). This change is a result of new curricula, a new teacher evaluation system, and the fact that we are getting reviewed in two weeks by our superintendent (The equivalent of an FBI search warrant on everything we do). So, I won't be blogging as much as I would like, nor reading the blogs that I so enjoy. But enough about that sad stuff, let's talk about more exciting things!

IT'S MARATHON SEASON! Despite my current dreary work outlook, I am SO excited to cheer for you runners who have worked SO hard toward your fall races!!! Seeing signs up for the NYC Marathon, seeing countdowns in the teens and twenties, have helped me jump back into running. More on that another time. Back to marathons. Get ready for some Mrs. Miller cheer sections!

CONGRATULATIONS TO MY SISTER JENNIFER! She ran her FIRST marathon, and it was a TRAIL marathon!!! Her time was incredible, 5:14, so close to my ROAD marathon times! I wasn't able to make it to cheer, but I was on pins and needles thinking about her all morning on Sunday! I am so proud of you Jenny girl! You are a rock star runner and always push me to be better (especially when you run backwards for me to catch up...) 

 Yea, it rained the whole time. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Smiling to the end! SHE DIDN'T FALL ONCE! Obviously we're opposites...

I'm also looking forward to cheering this weekend! Ashley is running the ING Hartford Marathon, and we talked AGES ago about my going to cheer for her! Since it's Columbus Day weekend, we're going to visit my parents, so it has worked out perfectly. 

We are wearing matching Sparkly Soul bands. Obviously a match made in runner heaven! Some other marathons coming up for Michelle and Jen!

How about you? What are you running?! I feel like I need to make a spreadsheet to keep track! Tell me about it so I can cheer loud and proud!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Favorite Things!

First of all, it's the first Monday of fall (Forgot to hit post...shocking I know...)! Yea. Well. I'm exhausted, but when I see this picture I laugh. Every. Time. 

Don't worry, I know it's Tuesday. This day was JUST as in my face as Monday. Sighhhhhhhh.

It's no secret that I love this season. What's not to love?! Pumpkin everything, marathons, FINALLY drinking hot tea without wanting to die, and the return of the hoodie. I. LOVE. IT. This weekend I had the chance to do some great fall things. Here are a few of my favorite fall things:

OBVIOUSLY I need this Packers gear!!! Via

Running in the fall. It's the PERFECT season to get those miles in. I got the chance to check out a trail with my sister. She's training for her first marathon...a TRAIL marathon! GO COACH JEN!

We ran a great trail in Vernon, CT. It was so secluded we couldn't get a picture together!

Picking apples! I honestly ran out of time to pick my own...hopefully they will still be in season when I go to cheer on Ashley at the Hartford Marathon in October! I picked up a basket full of apples AND some apple fritters...aka DREAM world desserts. 

Come on foliage! You can proceed now!!!

Fall recipes!!! I LOVE cooking in the fall! SO many amazing flavors. Here are a few of my favorites:

Butternut Squash Risotto
Pumpkin Cookies
Pumpkin Pasta (Yes, this is yummy)
Apple Cookies
Slice apples. Pair with a slice of strong cheese (White sharp cheddar is divine)

How about you? Are you a fall fan? Are you having a tough week? Any races on the horizon? TELL ME ABOUT IT! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mondays can be hard

Lambeau Puppy's latest hobby...sleeping in under the covers. He leads quite the life...

We've all thought it: I just don't want to work out today. Since school started, I've been battling some serious exhaustion. Like, I slept 12 hours straight Friday night exhausted. This weekend, I applauded my friends running half marathons, high double digit runs, and overall kicking asphalt. Me? I PR'd in movie watching, light house cleaning, brunching, and football watching (GO PACKERS!). I'm so thankful to be healthy and able to be active, but sometimes, life happens. Life can be hard. Life can be TIRING. 

Hmmmm. Sometimes I agree with this, other days I don't. Smart rest vs. suck it up to get endorphins... Via

Monday, I was TIRED. I had to go to the chiropractor after work, and really wasn't feeling my 4 mile run to  a Nike Training Club workout. Thankfully, my running partner was joining me, so I got dressed. Getting your foot out the door isn't the hardest part. It's getting dressed THEN getting your foot out the door. I took it easy on this run. I knew I was tired, and getting frustrated at my fatigue was not a battle I wanted to fight. I ran at an easy pace, chatted with my partner, and made it to Niketown for NTC. 

When I got there, I REALLY wasn't in the mood to work out. Then, something fantastic happened: friends showed up. Along with Mr. Miller and my running partner Ms. Bailey, there were three newbies, three old timers, and I was thrilled to see their faces. There's something amazing about knowing you're not sweating alone. Will led us in a tough work out, but I tried my best. It was a great way to relieve my stress from work and break a great sweat. I am so glad I stuck it out and went. 

NTC fearless crew after dark; picture stolen from Will! Vampires everywhere!

Sometimes, Mondays aren't so bad. Granted, I barely made it through dinner Monday night...and we slept through the alarm this morning...but hey, I made it through and was smiling at the end. Sometimes, I need a good sweat. Other times, I need a glass of wine and some Law and Order SVU. Knowing the difference, what your body is ready for, makes all the difference.

This could be said for any's hard, but it's okay! Via

How about you? Do you take a day off when you feel like you need it? Do you sweat through exhaustion? What's your go to rest day treat?Do you watch Breaking Bad? (This has nothing to do with this post...I just can't stop thinking about it...) TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Moving for Good

There is nothing better than breaking a sweat for a cause. This past weekend was a great weekend because I got to participate in TWO great sweat worthy causes! 

I was invited by my Team World Vision leader to an amazing event. Steve Spear, the top fundraiser for Team World Vision of all time, was finishing his run from LA to NYC. SAY WHAT?! That's right. Steve had embarked on this journey from the Santa Monica Piers five months ago, ran 35 miles a day five days a week, and was finishing it off in the greatest city in the world. His goal was, and still is, to raise 1.5 million dollars for villages void of clean drinking water. What inspired this trek? He got to visit his sponsored child Winnie in Africa.When he walked 1.5 miles with her on her daily chore to get water, dirty water at that, he carried the enormous container back for her. He struggled, as a fit individual, to complete a child's chore. He eventually realized he wanted to run across America to raise awareness and funds. His mantra? 

"If I can run a few miles to take away a few miles from Winnie, I will."

Steve shared a few words with us before we ran down the East River for his final 3.8 miles in an almost 3,100 journey. Naturally, they were inspiring!

We ran to the finish with Steve. When we arrived by the World Financial Center, HUNDREDS of people were cheering him on! It was so inspiring to see perfect strangers, prompted by his support team, witness the completion of an amazing feat. When he got there, it was very emotional. He had been moving for good for months. He shared a few words, and then his amazing family shared their thoughts and congratulations, including the coolest mom in law ever, a wife, son, and daughter.

This woman is amazing. She lived in an RV for 5 months, cheered him on, supported him, and is so stylish and cute. Kudos Mrs. Spear!

Talking with Steve was like talking to an old friend. My running partner and I got to share a few minutes with him, and he is the kind of person that you are instantly comfortable with. We shared our passion for our kids in the states to get healthy, and he was so encouraging. To learn more about Steve and his work toward bringing health and wellness to developing countries, visit .

Mr. Miller and I also were moving for good this weekend. We participated in Nike's challenge for NYC/NJ to garner 20 million fuel points in order for them to donate 1 million dollars to public school sports facilities affected by Superstorm Sandy. We got invited to their last Summer of Fuel Event, another round of capture the flag. It was fantastic! Three teams, water balloons, water guns unlocked by earning fuel, and tons of sweat. I designated myself as the flag protector/fuel earner. I was doing jumping jacks, high knees, COOL DANCE MOVES, and squat thrusts for over 40 minutes. It was a blast. Team yellow was awesome. Boom.

Mr. Miller and I were on opposing teams, oh the horror! Don't worry, we never saw each other!!!

Thank you @NikeNYC for enabling us to #MakeItCount as we were #MovingForGood!

Overall, it was a great weekend. I earned over my goal of 10,000 fuel points, but NYC/NJ as a whole blew that goal out of the water! We all moved in order to provide the opportunity for students to gain priceless opportunities through athletics.

27 million. Go big or go home. That's how we do. NYC/JERSEY Strong!

Thinking about sweating for a cause? Abby posted a great read on participating with charities during runs. If you're thinking of running with a charity but aren't sure, this post should seal the deal for you!

How about you? Do you run with/ partner with a charity? Have you seen anyone moving for good lately? Do charity events inspire you beyond belief?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Calling all NYC/NJ Fitness People


Nike has just one upped itself. It's no lie that I have enjoyed some fun events with Nike this past summer. They put on various events around the city to launch a summer of fuel, hyping up their fuel band.

So naturally, when I saw their new campaign, I was EXCITED. Nike donated almost 2 million dollars to restore areas devastated by Super Storm Sandy. Now, on September 8, if the people in NY metro area can accumulate 20 million Fuel Points, they will donate another million dollars to restore school sports facilities affected by Sandy. Basically, get active to get funds to schools that need it! My kind of day. For more information, click here.

Here are some ways you can help:

-Wear a Nike FuelBand and accumulate points. Upload that at the end of September 8 to be counted in the total fuel points in the NJ/NYC area.
- Use Nike+Running while running on Sunday to accumulate points! Download the free app and go about your usual business, but maybe go just a little bit further to add those points!
- WALK using Nike+Running! Going about your business in the city? Running some errands? START YOUR NIKE+! No matter how little, it will get points for students who need their athletics.

As a teacher, schools are close to my heart. As an active person/teacher whose school has LIMITED activity space, I am wholeheartedly ready to try to get over 10,000 fuel points that day. That is a HUGE amount, but I am ready to do it for the kids that need it. 

How about you? Have you ever helped out a community group? Do you volunteer at any local schools? Will YOU be counted toward the 20 million fuel points? TELL ME ABOUT IT!