Friday, August 7, 2015

What I've Learned in my First Year As a Mom

So my last post was from a month and a half ago. Things have gotten CRAZY. Henry is crawling up the walls (literally!), so my days are filled with parks, walks, parks, books, food, food, food, and SWINGS! I have planned posts in my head, thought about writing them, and then things would inevitably get busier. Lately I've been thinking about how things have changed so drastically (Thank you Time Hop for always reminding me that my baby was the smallest cutest guy ever!). Here are some of the things I've learned, sometimes the hard way, in my first year as a mom.

I can't stand the chubby arms!!!

I have learned to be uncomfortable. This is not a normal thing for me - I hate change, hate when things don't go as planned, and have a hard time coping and changing course. I have had to learn to "go with the flow", as hard as it may be. Babies are the most unpredictable creatures! When things go awry you want to pinpoint the trigger, and honestly it's simply a guessing game. Missed nap? Is he teething? Gas? Overtired? Have a fever? Dirty diaper? Hungry? And the list goes on and on. Thankfully this guy always makes up for it with love, and in recent months, kisses.

No naps? Everything makes me fussy? Sesame Street while holding onto mommy it is.

I have learned that everything will work out. In those moments that I can't handle when things have not gone as planned, I have learned (And eh hmmm am still learning) that the world will not end. It may sound strange, but one horrible nap can spiral the day, affect the night sleep and give me all sorts of anxiety. Yesterday, for example: Henry woke up from his nap over an hour early and was hysterical...while I was on a business call. Thank goodness it was with another mom who completely understood. I finished the call and Henry fussed and played. It was a rare time that I simply accepted that this crazy out of the ordinary thing wasn't going to make or break our day. More and more I'm calming down and letting things play out.

Super cranky boy hated the beach this day, and he finally fell asleep in the carrier. I was so stressed I didn't enjoy the beach until he was snuggled in, and we had a great rest of the day.

I have learned that I still need a ton of sleep...or rather coffee Sleep is like gold. Even if I get 8 hours, I will still be a bit tired. I'm a sleeper. Having a baby who isn't a sleeper has been very difficult for me. I have learned to take naps, go to bed early (ie: I fall asleep on the couch between 7:45-8:30 usually!), and stay up late when it's worth it. It sometimes feels like a confining tunnel where you can never get out because you'll never catch up on your sleep. Then you'll get a great night's sleep and will feel like a new person. And I have become super tight with coffee. We were best friends before, but now I'd call this a truly committed relationship. No prenup required.

I keep reminding myself of this. Surfboard.

I have learned that it's hard to feel like "your old self", because you become a new version of you.  Being a mom changes you; everyone says it and everyone is right. It's almost like you're reborn: you can easily forget about your life that happened before this all encompassing being took over! I feel like Mrs. Miller's Miles circa marathon training never existed, like it was someone else. I look back on posts and I think "That didn't happen, that wasn't did I run a 20 mile run!?" My friends have helped me feel like my old self as my new self. Being with them has truly made me feel like I can be myself and a mom. The new me values time spent away from Henry because it refreshes me to keep running through life with him!

We finally had our first overnight without Henry in Boston and it was amazing. Our friends are the best. Just saying.

Most of all, I've learned to have fun. It  was all schedules, spit up, and sleep deprivation for a while there. Once we got on a schedule we started venturing out, seeing friends and enjoying the city. Every stage has its own joys and challenges, but it keeps getting better and better. Yesterday he kept reaching for me as I was pushing him on the swing so I slowed him down and he leaned forward and gave me a kiss. I get it Henry, you own me.

How about you? What is something you have learned lately? HOW ARE YOU? I've been MIA, who is running NYC, Philly, CHI?! Tell me about it!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Henry: 12 Months

Did I really write that?! Yes, and I'm writing it a bit late. Henry turned 1. I was sick with a cold, threw a party, and then we moved on. I think being sick helped me not lose it emotionally, but I still look at him and think "Where did my little baby go?" Here are some highlights from his twelfth month!

Henry turned one in the concrete jungle!

  • Henry weighs 22lbs! He still has delicious chunks on his arms and legs.
  • Henry is crawling on all fours, no more slithering, and is walking with assistance from our couch, his activity table, a wall, ANYTHING he can use!
  • He eats everything. A week after he turned 11 months it was as though he decided to stop being picky and eat anything in sight! He has eaten every meat, some seafood, most vegetables (Doesn't house those like other things but doesn't ignore them entirely either), and cake. He ate half of his smash cake before we took it away!!! That's my boy.
  • There is zero stranger danger. He'll check someone out when we're out, but he doesn't cry or ignore people. He's always watching and will give anyone a high five!
  • He says Dada. I brainwashed him to make it happen before Fathers Day! I walked around life saying Dada with a picture of Mr. Miller. It worked. Now as for Mama, well, not yet. WAH.
  • He now has six teeth. Thank GOD that sixth tooth came in, we hit a very rough sleep patch!
  • Henry plays by himself multiple times a day. He will sit in his play area, play with his activity table, look through books, whatever he wants! We play with puzzles together, read books, and do hand games/songs.
  • He was the most well behaved baby for his birthday! He had lots of friends to play with, adults to love him, and he didn't cry when we sang happy birthday (Though I could tell he was definitely overwhelmed!)
  • We had a jungle themed birthday party and were so happy to host the friends and parents who helped us during this first year.
  • We visited the New York Aquarium, Coney Island, Connecticut, and every playground within two miles of our apartment! 
Baby boy, you are truly a joy. This child wakes up whining, and the second you look at him he giggles. He is the most easy going, go with the flow, happy go lucky guy in the world. We are so blessed to be his parents. All the pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, stress, frustration and chaos that a child can bring pales in comparison to the love, joy, laughter, tears of love, comfort and sweetness that he brings. 

Happy 12 Months Little Lion Man!
Let them eat cake!

Check out my article on SmartMom How to Raise a Son to be a Really Great Man

Monday, June 22, 2015

Cook Unity Meal Delivery Service Review and Giveaway!

Hello friends! It has been WAY too long, life got busy, a certain fella turned one (EEK!), and I have some great posts coming your way soon! I wanted to highlight a great meal delivery service that I recently got to try out called Cook Unity*. It was the week of Henry's first birthday party, and I came down with a nasty cold! I barely had an energy to open a can soup, let alone cook a healthy dinner! Here is a little bit of info about Cook Unity:

Cookunity delivers small-batch, fresh home-food from local chefs right to your door. We handpick the freshest ingredients to bring you tasty, wholesome meals for your family to enjoy.

Best Ingredients. Quality Meals

Instead of buying long life food that expires years from now, or spending your whole weekend cooking, we shop for the freshest, seasonal ingredients out there to bring you tasty food you feel good feeding your family with.
Whenever possible, we use organic, local, farm-fresh produce, and all our proteins are hormone-free and come from farms our suppliers visit regularly and that we have researched thoroughly. Our fish is sourced from sustainable fisheries.

Handpicked Chefs. Timeless Recipes

Our menus constantly change, because we select produce based on its seasonality and quality. We selected authentic recipes that families have enjoyed for ages and we asked some of the best chefs in town to cook for you with extra care and love.
Enjoy your spare time with your kids and let us do the homemade cooking for you!

Each week their menu is posted for entrees available from Tuesday-Thursday. I went online and ordered our entrees. Best part about it? They had kid's entrees too! Each entree comes with sides and dessert, so there was no adding to these meals. I loved the packaging upon delivery, the cards with the ingredients and nutritional information, and blurbs about the chefs who created these yummy dishes. Here are the yummy dishes we got to enjoy:
 Everything was securely packaged and survived a subway ride in rush hour!

 I loved the personal touch with the chef's bios.

 This was Mr. Miller's meal, it was DELICIOUS! He was a little hungry afterwards, but he had eaten a very small lunch.
 This was my meal! It was really good. The filling had a lemony flavor which I had never tried!

 I would have eaten this as a meal! IT WAS SO GOOD! I tried each part and it was delicious.
Henry approved! He eventually ate his broccoli.

So, here are my final thoughts on Cook Unity:
- I LOVED reading the information on each meal. Other meal delivery services don't list nutritional information, or maybe only list calories and fat. 
- You know exactly what is in your food - natural healthy ingredients!
- The child's meal lasted Henry THREE meals! It was plenty of food.
- Ease of ordering online and QUICK delivery turnaround!
- Everything was delicious!
- It solves the "I don't know what to cook for dinner" dilemma.
- NO DIRTY DISHES. I don't have a dishwasher - cry with me.

- Meals did not leave enough for leftovers. Each meal is definitely one serving. We're leftovers for lunch eaters!
- They only deliver in Manhattan. Thankfully Mr. Miller works there so they delivered it to his building without issue!

Would you like the chance to win TWO free meals from Cook Unity? Enter below! The winner will be announced June 29. (Winner must be located or available for delivery in Manhattan) Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway *Disclosure: I was given three free meals from Cook Unity in exchange for my review. The opinions and details written are my own.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life Lately: A Fitness/Injury Update

What a month we've had in NYC! One day it's 85, next day it's 65! Just when you think you hate the climate here, an amazing day reals you back in with its awesomeness. I feel like that's a great analogy for my current fitness status. Some days are hot and awesome, and some days are cold and lack luster! So, what's been going on lately?

Sunday at Coney Island the NY Aquarium. GORGEOUS day!

Injury update! I briefly wrote about having a serious case of tendonitis. (Did you know that both tendinitis and tendonitis are acceptable spellings?! I thought I was crazy!) I had my first (horrific) flare up in October (Of course when Mr. Miller was gone overnight at a wedding out of town). I couldn't do anything without pain. I rested it, then eased back into activity. Flare up again. This song and dance continued for several months. I got a brace which helped, but any additional activity coupled with picking up/holding a constantly growing boy meant the flare ups never stopped. I finally went to a specialist and got a a cortisone shot. For anyone who gets a cortisone shot, be warned: You will be in pain, maybe even worse pain, for two days after the shot. I got so upset thinking "Now it's even worse!" but my awesome landlord, friend, dentist and fellow runner assured me that the third day would be great. And it has been! It's still a TEENSY bit sensitive since it bruised a little from the shot, but I'm excited to ease (SOOOOOO slowly) back into workouts using my arms! If I experience another 

Fitness update: I have been running semi consistently! We even ran into our favorite fellow Astoria Steph! With "better" weather we have been getting out more. Henry is awake for longer stretches now, so I have no issue lacing up and heading out! And when we're not running, we're walking. EVERYWHERE. I have been obsessed with walking places. If I'm meeting a friend, I choose a place far away to up my mileage! We go to the playground that is further away to get more activity in. I'm feeling more energized and willing to put in some sweat time. Although it has been a difficult couple of weeks with teething, I find being outside is helpful. On days when I am DRAGGING, I choose to walk instead. 

Race update: I have decided not to sign up for a race until the fall. I'm still finding my stride and a training plan simply seems like "work" to me still. I am eyeing some half marathons in the fall. There are too many good ones to choose from! Currently at the top of the list:
1. Grete's Gallop Half: The charity I partner with (Team World Vision) is running this race
2. Brooklyn Half: First ever Rock and Roll BK Half! Exciting! All the cool kids are doing it!
3. Hamptons Half: I ran this a long time ago, very sick, and barely enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. 

How about you? What's your latest greatest? Are you signed up for a fall half? Have you ever gotten a cortisone shot? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Henry: 11 Months

Our baby is almost one. It's almost been one year since I stopped working, one year since I had a beautifully relaxing week at home, one year since Henry made his (slightly dramatic) entrance into the world. I look at him and think "HOW?!" How has it been this long? How did we make it?! How fast will the next year go? If the past 11 months are any indication, it will go by in the blink of an eye. Here are some great things that happened this month:

  • Henry weighs a lot. We'll find out in June since he doesn't have an appointment until then!
  • He is cutting his fifth tooth. Eek. He skipped his two front teeth (Which are making their appearance), but the ones next to them poked through. He looks like a vampire. Mr. Miller calls him Wolfie. 
  • We went to the zoo for the first time and it was AWESOME! He loved the penguins and puffins.
  • He is crawling. Sometimes it's a slither, sometimes it's on all fours. During our trip to Florida he nailed it because our friend had carpeted floors. 
  • Speaking of Florida, he went to Disney for the first time! He was a trooper and got to go on rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and It's a Small World After All.
  • Food is still a daily guessing game. I have started lessening his pureed intake (unless we're out, then he eats that because I can't sit for 30 minutes with him playing/eating the food!). He's consistently eating a cinnamon raisin English muffin for breakfast, lunch meat for lunch and dinner with varied grains. Vegetables and fruits are still a struggle, but we're working on it!
  • Henry still doesn't have "stranger danger". He doesn't get scared when people approach him, hold him, or if I leave him with someone (example: church nursery). He's such an easy going kid, he rolls with situations. I should be more like him!!!
  • He is talking up a storm...but his words still haven't been firmly established. We've caught some dadas (Including last night at dinner with friends! More witnesses!), but he isn't assigning it with his actual dad. He communicates back with us, so it's only a matter of time before he starts connecting sounds/words/subjects! (Hello teacher)
  • Henry finds things funny. It's the best. He'll laugh at things that amuse him, like when I simply open my mouth. Apparently looking inside is hilarious! 

We are currently planning his first birthday party. It isn't going to be a Pinterest extravaganza, but it will be really fun. The next phase of talking, walking and growing is truly exciting. We are enjoying these moments where he still snuggles, gives kisses and loves to interact.

Happy 11 Months Little Lion Man!
This month's picture taking was a hot mess #teething. Top left was our first attempt, which prompted us to wait until after nap time! ;-)

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Frames

This post is sponsored by Minted*.

I am not a home decor guru. Seriously. Give me a paper to write, a topic to research, or a skincare concern, and I'm your girl! We finally changed our apartment around two years ago with fresh paint, a new couch, new chairs etc. We had some really great prints that were hanging a closet. I'm not a feng shui expert, but I would like balance in our wall art. We finally put them up, but they were uneven:

My pano skills are a bit sub par, but look! There needs to be a black and white end frame!!! 

Insert: Minted. I want a unique print on the end, and I'm currently deciding between an art print or a photo print....and Minted is making the choice difficult! I found so many great options in both departments, and all can be customized by size and frame color. Here are a few of my choices:

Option 1: I love this print! They have other states too! We would take black and whites around the city.

Option 2: I really LOVE this one, but if we have another baby I would have to chance adding the name myself. I'm also not a calligraphy expert. 

Option 3: This print caught my eye, it is absolutely beautiful!

But wait, there's more!!! OF COURSE I got lost in their stationary section, because HELLO Henry is turning one soon! (Sobbing in the corner now...) They have so many gorgeous options for kids ANYTHING: birthdays, baby showers, birth announcement, religious celebrations, everything. They recently updated their save the date section, and they are GORGEOUS. I'm obsessed with the foil pressed save the dates, they're unique, elegant and provide great options whether you want to use a picture of yourself or not. You can customize any design you see, which is a card buyer's dream come true!!! Be sure to check it out, especially if you're getting ready for the big walk with someone special. 

How about you? Which picture do you think I should get, option 1, 2, or 3? Are you in the market for new wall art? Where do you usually get your stationary? TELL ME ABOUT IT! 

*Disclaimer: I was compensated for my opinion with a credit to Minted. However, all opinions are my own, and I really do need a black and white framed something in my living area!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's Almost May

It's almost the last month that my baby will be "months". I know a lot of people (mainly those without children) hate when parents say "They're 15 months" etc. I'm most likely going to stick with 1, almost 1 1/2 etc because, quit frankly, I can't keep track of the weeks/months! FYI for those who do wonder why parents do that, it's because each month, heck even week, brings new development for kids, so saying 15 months means specific things!

Maybe this gorgeous weather will stick around? MAYBE?

I'm considering ways to change things up. I'm still stuck weight wise (Are you sick of hearing me talk about that yet?!), but I am. I looked into Whole 30 and decided that it was extremely close to my previous elimination diet, and I'm simply not putting those restrictions on myself again. What I am considering is committing to a style of eating, strategies to help me move more, and really buckling down the last month before my guy turns one. So, here are my thoughts so far:

- Limit my wine. Oh dear God I can't believe I wrote that WAHHH. But honestly, there seems to be a lot of opportunities lately to indulge, and when I think about it, it's often not worth it. I'm deciding between doing a month long fast or a weekday fast. I'm leaning toward the weekday ;-)
- High protein/vegetable low carb. I love carbs, and carbs love me. However, I know that loading on protein and veggies are a better option. We've been using the grill but doing things like burgers which pack on the bread. I'm hoping to focus on more lean proteins.
- Work in little exercises throughout my day. I find myself sitting at a computer most nap times, which is business focused. I can't avoid that. I need to get things done while my guy rests. However, I can maximize my time with ten minutes here, ten minutes there of movement.
- Create a running plan. I WANT to run. Instead of doing it when it seems optimal, I'm going to nail down a plan and try to stick with it. Not a pressured plan, but something that I can check off to keep me motivated.

How about you? Do you go through phases where you need to do things completely differently? Have you been basking in the outdoors lately? What is your favorite thing to grill? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Henry: 10 Months

Well, we're a week late! Unfortunately it has been a crazy couple of weeks, and we couldn't nail down taking his picture!!! Part of the reason is that Henry has been extremely cranky due to some serious teething action! And mommy hasn't been sleeping much ;-) Despite all the middle of the night nonsense, here are some highlights from Henry's 10th month:

The first picture I took, and the only one of him actually smiling. He couldn't stop messing with the h and the sticker. Here we come toddlerville!

  • Henry weighs 19lbs 13oz! 
  • He now has four teeth, and according to the doctor, three more are desperately trying to make their appearances. Hence my increased coffee intake.
  • He is showing dissatisfaction. I don't know if it is a combination of teething and growing up, or just growing up, but whenever I'm strapping him in to something he now puts up a big fuss (And then is happily on his merry way like nothing happened. Oy.)
  • It is fascinating to watch him figure out how things work. He's playing with his toys with a lot more attention, grabbing things that I don't think he can see or reach, and is constantly in exploratory mode. I need to up my child proofing game STAT.
  • He now thinks any phone call is FaceTime and is constantly straining to see the screen. Sorry bud, not everything is about video calls.
  • He is making a ton of progress with crawling! Eek that will be happening soon....
  • He has regressed a bit with food because of the teething, barely eating and making me so concerned. Turns out, it happens!
Less than two months until he is one. I can't believe that this guy has been outside my belly longer than he was in it. I can't believe that he listens to me with rapt attention, looks at me when I say his name, and finds Lambeau at every moment possible. He is growing to be so inquisitive and funny, and we're excited for even more development to come!

Happy 10 Months Little Lion Man!
This sweater was custom made by a family member, it is the most gorgeous sweater!!!  I had to distract him with Daddy's All Star baseball to try to get another good picture. Alas, the h won out. Disclaimer: I'm a Yankees fan. Brian gets the sports teams.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Life Lately: Spring things

Recently, I've ignored this here blog. I've been so busy between Henry, social commitments, and my business that this was placed on the back burner. And there have been runs! So many fun things going on, let's catch up.

We have been running. Slowly but surely, I'm rebuilding my stroller running stamina. It's not a matter of if I can handle it physically endurance wise, it's my stinking tendonitis. I have to be careful to not over do it, or else it flares up and a few weeks of resting ensues. It's so frustrating, so I am being as smart as possible. I have had to cut out yoga (downward dogs, planks and push ups are basically the worst thing ever for wrist tendonitis), so I will resumes my pilates this week. I've been bad about going to the gym, but I'm getting back to it this week. 
 Bright? Sunny? COVER?! It was really windy. Thank you NYC "spring". I thought my running jacket was retired...alas, this was from this past week!

 The one day it was crazy warm and we all ran together. It was awesome. 

We have been enjoying going out more. Henry is finally able to be in things that contain him besides a stroller (High chairs and shopping carts). This is making life SO much easier! Mr. Miller and I love going out for happy hour on Thursdays or Fridays, and now that we can put him in a high chair it's so much more fun! Henry L-O-V-E-S being in the shopping cart. He thinks he's such  big boy! And I don't have to put him in his car seat in the cart, leaving me more room to put my purchases....a dangerous thing at Target ;-)

Happy Hour Hero. Puffs are his vice.

 Yes, we have used the snow suit far too often the past few weeks. We thought it was retired. It has been temporarily reinstated.

We had Henry's church dedication! So many friends and family came out to support us and it was wonderful. We had a great time at the service and went for pizza afterwards.

Henry was in great company with lots of beautiful babies!

Baby model Henry. He's a tough cookie to smile for the big camera. Thanks Heshan! 

There are two best friends living in our house. Yes, you might think it's Mr. Miller and I (Okay two sets of best friends....) but a baby and a canine are currently all about one another. Every morning it's the same routine: I put Henry down to play, Lambeau wants to play with him, but is scared of getting his hair pulled, so he barks at him to play, I have to come and's the same every.single.morning. I've been experimenting with making Lambeau sit and stay by me (Usually I'm doing dishes at this time to get the day started clean and clear) and when I'm done tidying up we sit together. As long as I have treats, Lambeau plays along. He may be small but his bark is loud. Woosah.
The bottom picture is mid bark. "Kid play with me! Your toys are awesome!"

I have been getting organized. In my former line of work as a teacher, I had a "pen and paper planner". Everything was written in that planner, accounting for each day, each lesson, each issue or meeting. And then the endless to-do lists in the side columns! Well, since my Rodan and Fields business is growing rapidly (Read: I have tripled my business from January to March), I decided I needed to get organized. I found this planner and it has been AMAZING. If you need to get organized, want to set weekly goals etc, get this planner. Which leads me to my next life happening....

I have extended my maternity leave another year. I will be staying home with Henry another year! We are very excited not only for this chance, but for my ability to run my own business during this "one income" time. It has been a roller coaster ride becoming a new mom, but we have found our sea legs and have loved it.

How about you? Any great spring happenings? Is your spring warmer than the frozen northeast? Do you spend every moment outside the second it gets slightly warm? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dairy Free Soy Free Elimination Diet: Part IV BIG NEWS

No need to keep you in suspense: 

His legs are so yummy in these jammies. Henry was excited to try yogurt!

Here's how this world changing discovery happened. I was feeding Henry some Beech Nut food that he LOVED. It was spinach, green beans and quinoa. Now, I thought it was really creamy, and had tasted it. I would eat this, for reals. Anyway, something in me said, "I wonder if they put water in this to make it creamy???" Well, when I looked at the ingredients I nearly lost my marbles: HEAVY.STINKING.CREAM. Whaaaaat?! Beech Nut is known for being "only _________", AKA no additives. What I didn't realize is when the food goes to "stage 3", things that should be added to their diet (ie dairy) gets added to the baby food. Well, my little lion man hadn't been spitting up. I called the doctor immediately and we formulated a plan. 

He wasn't sure about the cold stuff but started gobbling it up after a couple of bites!

Babies often grow out of food allergies around certain ages. Six, nine, and twelve months are the most popular times for them to do this. We knew at six months he was not ready (We had an accidental exposure and it did NOT go well). The doctor was hesitant to test at nine months since his six months reaction had been severe. Well, I accidentally tested him on it and he was FINE! So this past Sunday we celebrated Henry's Dairy Day. We gave him 1/4 of  YoYo Baby yogurt and waited for any reaction (Which is usually throwing up and blood in his stool). Well, NOTHING happened. I was elated. I couldn't resist reuniting with an old love after seven long months:

I only had one slice. Didn't want to make myself sick over the

So, after seven months, Henry is able to consume dairy and so am I. It was very stressful at times, easier at others, and terrible over the holidays ;-) However, we are thrilled to be over this hurdle, and are ready to test the next one: soy. I will be giving Henry a little soy formula in the next few days to see his reaction. Here's to hoping for another breakthrough for our cute dude!

This was my reward on Sunday. Queens Comfort's chocolate cake donut covered in caramel glaze and topped with pretzels. Ooooooo Heaven is a place on earth....

Friday, March 6, 2015

Henry: 9 Months

Let this ninth month begin! With it brings warmer temps, hopefully more outdoors time, and SPRING! We've been bundled up and hanging out indoors, but things are getting really fun. Here are some cool things that have been happening this month:

  • We will know Henry's weight next Wednesday! I'm guessing over 19lbs.
  • He has TWO teeth! And I strongly suspect numbers three and four aren't be far behind...
  • Henry sits on his own and plays. He's surrounded by my maternity pillow because he sometimes lunges for Lambeau as he passes.
  • He has done some scooting backwards, but not much in the crawling department.
  • He dances! I think I forgot to mention this last month, but when he's happy he moves back and forth and smiles! He does it for us and complete strangers. Flirt.
  • Henry is obsessed with Facetime. Mr. Miller tends to miss him during the day, so we Facetime about once a day. Henry loses.his.mind. He flips out, laughing, dancing and lunging for daddy's face. 
  • He strongly disdains any texture in his food but he is slowly learning to take in food with very small forms of "chunks" (ie tiny pieces of apples in apple sauce. Kid is sensitive!).
  • We are dedicating him at our church this month and we are very excited.
  • Sleep: dare I say we've evened out? He tries to wake up around 5-5:45, and usually if we give him the pacifier he goes back to sleep until 6-6:45. It's been nice not waking up multiple times a night! And in comes the time change...God help us all.
  • Henry sits in the grocery cart now. He LOVES this. He wants to see everything, and so many people talk to him, he becomes the mayor of the grocery store!
  • We have a big moment coming up on Sunday. Will tell more about it next week!
I can't express how much fun this stage is. Despite being cooped up for days at a time, we just hang out and play. He truly has the sweetest nature. I'm excited to begin to show him more of the world as it warms up. He is a joy and we are so grateful for him. Even when he is cranky he'll still crack a smile for a second. His joy shines through constantly.

Happy 9 Months Little Lion Man!
His latest trick is double fisting in his mouth. Rock star.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Looking back: Making Progress

I've taken a bit of a step back the past two weeks. Instead of my consistent three nights a week of working out, I've been going once, maybe twice. Read: More like once. My tendinitis has been acting up again, I've had events to go to one or two nights and I have been TIRED. I think it's the last of winter's hibernation temptation grasping at one last lazy streak.

Sleeves are getting longer… | 21 Tees That Completely Understand Your Winter Priorities
I mean I NEED this.

All this decline was due to my view in the mirror for Yoga a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling bloated, lethargic, but got myself to the front row. I wore an outfit that wasn't especially complimentary, and my ego took a hit. I came home so upset about my "lack of progress". I think this sent me into my decline. Seriously. Losing weight is hard. People who think it's easy are kidding themselves. I let one moment of not feeling "great", even "good", set me back. It distracted me during the class and I walked home with lots of negative thoughts. My poor husband. He's always so encouraging as I wallow.

That is the "I give up smile". Spare tire. Check.

Yesterday, I had a breakthrough. We went for a stroller run. A REAL stroller run! We hadn't been on one since December, and that one was a fluke warm day! We got muddy, wet, had to walk to avoid a catastrophe and may have used the BOB as a boat and stroller. But we ran. And you know what? It gave me just a bit of motivation. Spring is coming. Daytime runs are coming .Vitamin D is COMING! I looked back at some old pictures for #TBT and saw that I have, indeed, made progress. 

We had a great run yesterday!

My first CT postpartum run was hot, sunny, and awesome.  

 My first postpartum run!

 Rogas were a great postpartum wardrobe choice.

I thought this shirt would be complimentary post baby. I was wrong. Very wrong.

I need to cut Lamby's hair, he looks so cute here!

All this to say, I know I'm more fit than I was a few months ago. I have to remind myself that, although I'm not seeing the progress I think I should be seeing, I am seeing progress. I loved Abby's post. This line really struck me:

"But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let the fact that I’m not back to where I used to be hold me back from taking on this race." - Abby Bales

So, stay tuned: I want to sign up for something. Next week's forecast calls for a strong chance of stroller runs (mid 40's insert Sister Act choir singing Heat Wave). I'm thinking I want to tackle the half marathon distance in the fall, so possibly a 10k this spring. 

How about you? Does signing up for a race motivate you? Any races I *HAVE* to run? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Going Beyond the Naysayers

If you follow me on social media, you know I am a skincare consultant. I signed on with Rodan and Fields last March, pretty pregnant, and looking for a side business while staying at home with my son. It was the right choice for me for many reasons, including the ability to "conduct business anywhere", the support and training tools, but most importantly: the product stinking works. 

I had a few naysayers. People who rolled their eyes (And maybe still do!) at my posts. People who unfollowed me. People who said "well you get a discount that's the only reason you use it". Well, after I posted my before and after picture, showing my melasma (mask of pregnancy) completely diminished, people started getting interested. I have been working hard, and it is paying off. My business is growing, and people are realizing that this isn't just a hobby.
Please don't mind my horrible faces. I don't think before and afters should be happy faces ;-D If the coloring is off, I'm not sure why. It doesn't look this way in my picture folder!

So, I'm being bold and posting this on my blog. I know this is a running blog turned training/Henry blog, so I won't inundate it with my promoting my business. As I've said to people who become interested: I'm not pushy, I am persistent. I wanted to let you, my readers, know that I represent an incredible line of products that I know you will love. Whatever your skin issue, there are Rodan and Fields products that can help you. You can check out my website to get more information, or contact me directly at Here are a few before and afters, because everyone secretly loves perusing them!

This is my personal friend and hair stylist Wendy. Her results are what ultimately convince me that this was an incredible product and I had to get on board! She used to call herself "dirt face", and the mask of pregnancy made it even worse. She was thrilled with her results as she prepared for her wedding last September!

I leave you with this message: be bold in whatever you do. Forget public opinion. If you're passionate about something, DO IT. Run that ultra marathon, try a triathlon, attempt to go to a November Project workout, or join my Rodan and Fields team (cough cough). Whatever you're scared to do, try it out. Don't live life wondering "Could I have done it???"

"I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that's how you grow. When there's that moment of "Wow, I'm notreally sure I can do this," and you push through those moments, that's when you have a breakthrough." — Marissa Mayer