Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A few pictures from July...

For the 4th we went to Keuka Lake and a wedding, I have a couple of pics from the lake. Jojo is sending me pics from the wedding! This is from Keuka. Sarah Funk posted a contest about what makes us "beautiful". Here he is. My lovely fiance soon to be husband. Seriously it's so cheese ball and typical, but really he does. Even on my worst day he will tell me I'm the prettiest girl in all the world. When I don't ask for it he offers me praise. He is so kind to me. Below is another pic we took when we were home last weekend:

He is the love of my life, can't wait to be his wife! 12.20.08! So Sarah Funk, there is my answer! That and my running shoes (please see previous post for the other picture representing what makes me feel beautiful!) I just read an article in a running magazine that stated running boosts self confidence and makes people feel prettier/more handsome (the word they used was s*xy, thought that was too racy for my blog!)

Below is a picture of my good friend Jodi. My lifelong friend Jodi. I got to see her this weekend. She is going to be going to China in August for 9 months. She is one of my bestest, a person I will be friends with for the rest of my life...Jojo I'm going to miss you.

My last two classes are Mon and Wed...I thought I only had a Mon class, but, unfortunately, I have to go Wed too...she said we won't go the whole night though THANK GOD. Vacation is coming up too...can't wait for that!!! August 15 here I come!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Running in the rain

So. Brian told me last night he wasn't going to meet me at the gym this morning. Bad move. It UNmotivates me COMPLETELY! I was still sore from a great workout yesterday, so I decided I would simply run 3-4 miles. Of course I went for the 3. I woke up and it was gloomy. I was excited when Al Roker told me it was about 72 degrees here in NYC. Then Chris Cimeno (Local Weather guy who is WONDERFUL) informed me of 90% humidity. No big deal right??? WRONG! It was stifling, like being in a sauna! Ew. Thankfully it started to rain around mile 2. Everyone around me is scrambling because of a few sprinkles. I was relieved. I love running in the rain, especially when I'm warm!...but then it stopped. I WANTED MORE RAIN! The rain stopped and I was left, once again, in mile 3, 72 degrees and 90% humidity. GROSS! The weather really does effect me and my workouts. So, here is a question:

What motivates you to work out? What prevents you from working out?
My wedding dress motivates me. And if I'm meeting Brian at the gym, I know someone is waiting for me and I have to go!!!

On another note...I only have two more summer classes left and I'm D-O-N-E! Fun summer can begin for 4 weeks! YIPPEE!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


So I've finally been doing well with running again, getting used to the heat this year was a lot harder than last year. I run at about 8am, and it's already getting hot at that point. I was running yesterday (In CT), and I was SO hot. I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures...running through sprinklers! I'll purposely slow down when I see a sprinkler, or even wait till it comes around so I can get full on SOAKED! I must look like such a loser. Last weekend I chickened out because the owner of said sprinkler was in his driveway, and I didn't run through when it was spraying in my direction! Yes, so I'm sprinkler obsessed...

Has anyone ever planned a wedding and tried to get married at a church you don't normally attend? Word of advice: DON'T. CLG is unavailable for our date, so we've called about 10 churches in the area to try to rent, and they WILL NOT let us, either because we're not members, or because we want to bring our own pastor in...why would I want to be married by some person who I've never even MET?! I'll pay you NOT to marry us! SO annoying. Crisis has been averted by deciding we will marry at the country club. It will be pretty, we're going to decorate wonderfully, I'm excited. Mom is already on the mission! Therefore guests will not have to drive to two separate locations, which will be nice.

Everything is still coming together, getting things in order, and making decisions. Sigh. It's no big deal, I just know what I want and desire to be completely done with it! :-) I'm ready to get married...

153 days till we get married! (Just about exactly 5 months!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Planning and planning and more planning!

Ahhhhhh things are still going smoothly, we've hit a few snags but we've plowed full steam ahead! I got an AMAZING deal on my bridesmaid's dresses, they're incredible and pretty and only $40! I know how it is to be in weddings and it's EXPENSIVE! I love the fact that I can make a decision and go with it. It's simply because I know what I want, and when I see it, I grab it and run! (Of course I pay for it first...)

All we really have left to do is nail the photographer down, which is in process, get a hold of our pastor to start pre-marital counseling (We have been away for 5 weeks STRAIGHT! We're not heathens, we go to church when we're at our family's!!!), confirm the church, and get flowers in order! Oh yes and the favors (ornaments which will be purchased "in season" and ribbons with our names...or not...) and invitations which will be ordered shortly. I want everything done before the school year starts so I don't even have to THINK. Honeymoon hit quite a few snags but we're pretty set. Everything is turning out BEAUTIFULLY! And Brian just told me someone is giving him a bed (Queen) which is awesome bc we both have twins (That won't do!), and my parents are giving us a dresser, Brian has couches etc, so we really lack for nothing! I feel so blessed, how everything is falling together and I'm barely stressed. God is good.

Running has been going well...with class at night again I'm VERY tired (Mon and Wed nights for FIVE HOURS!) but I drag my sorry butt out of bed. AGAIN the blessing of working at the restaurant is that I don't have to be there till 11am! I get so much done in the morning. And Brian is also back there now which has been so much fun. We're so busy it's not like we spend every moment together, but it's nice to see him all the time now.

DRAKE WEDDING: was wonderful! Everyone looked great and it was awesome to see people. Matt and Danielle are precious. I sadly didn't take any pictures, I need Jodi to email me some! For some reason the camera stayed in the bag....

OFFICIAL RESULTS OF THE *MAY*KEOVER: I originally weighed myself at Brian's parent's house on their digital scale. It was depressing. Needless to say, I weighed myself again this past weekend (I hadn't been back till now!) and I was 13lbs lighter! YES! Two months of busting my butt. I'm feeling really good now, I'm so glad I started living "healthier" in May instead of now! I got a head start on the "wedding dress" diet!

It's way too late for me (1:22) and I have to run in the morning! GOOD NIGHT!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weddings are fun....

This is from Jenn (formerly Cavallaro) Chappell's wedding! I was thinking today about how fun weddings are. This is Amanda and her fiance James. James and Brian became BFF at this wedding. They went on a hunt at this country club for golf balls, this picture is proof that they were successful! Hahaha.

So. We got a place!!! Deposit is in, it's all coming together. There are some more details that OBVIOUSLY have to be attended to, but right now we're contemplating honeymoon sites: Hawaii, Mexico, DR, Puerto Rico, etc. Just trying to see the best bang for our buck! We are also going to a wedding this weekend up in Rochester. Matt Drake and Danielle O'Grady are getting married, Yea! It's fun to go and get ideas.

Running has been hard the past few days. Anyone see Sex in the City? Well, if not, I don't want to ruin it, but for those who have, I feel like Charlotte when she lost her stride. It's not like I stopped running, I was a little more relaxed the last week of school because I was so busy, but now it's a STRUGGLE! It's because I have a cold or allergies; really bad cough, slight nasal congestion, sore throat...not good for running! But WebMD says running through sickness is good because it boosts your immune system. So I'm trying! I've done 3-4 for mile runs Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and today, and they did NOT go well...had to stop and walk for a minute quite a few times! It's just frustrating for me because I NEVER stop running...I just need to be like Charlotte and get my stride back!

Working at the restaurant has been hysterical. I'm the most bubbly happy person! Not only because I'm engaged and SO excited, but I'm really content in life. Working at the restaurant, because it's not my full time source of income, is relaxing and fun. Knowing that I have a salaried job to go back to in the fall is priceless. I don't have time to get sick of either one! (With school there are so many breaks!!!) But God has really blessed me lately with good shifts I'm really trusting him to provide what I need when I need it.

Off to search for wedding things; yesssssss! Any hints or advice anyone has for me I will GLADLY take!!!