Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NYC Marathon 2013 Weekend

For the past two years, early November meant one thing: It was almost marathon time! This year, the experience was slightly different. This year, early November also meant marathon time...for everyone else. I wasn't sure what my emotions were going to be, and thankfully they were nothing but cheerful! 

The weekend kicked off with a fabulous event on Friday with, you guessed it: NIKE! We got to check out their new store on 3rd Ave between 66th and 67th street. They offer lots of great services, including run club, lockers, and gait analysis. The NYC Marathon items and displays were also a nice touch to kick off the weekend!

 Fabulous window display!
Cornelious Bolton III interviewing running legend Joan Benoit before a group run!

After checking out the store, we headed out on a "mystery" 2.62 mile run. We ran over the Queensboro Bridge and ended up in my backyard, Long Island City! We went to a cool rooftop spot that Mr. Miller and I had been to once and really wanted to return to. Nike went all out. Drinks, food, DJ...after a crazy stressful month at work, this was the perfect remedy. Thank you, Nike, for an amazing night!

 Even the smoke stacks are repping for Nike!

New rule: Only going out in sneakers.

Saturday was a great day. I went for an 8 mile run, a PDR post toe surgery in August. It has been a slow road, but I feel like I'm finally getting back to some decent distances. I ran to Central Park, and the feeling was incredible. Although the finish line was incredibly crowded, I loved seeing it again. It didn't give me the same feeling it did the first time, but the memories were pretty amazing.

 Hello, old friend. Hope to meet you again some year soon!

The foliage was breathtaking. It's like Central Park waits for marathon weekend to go from beautiful to stunning.

Sunday was a day of cheer! We met up with my running buddy, who lives right off the Pulaski Bridge in Long Island City. This proved to be a clutch spectating location! We watched the elites on tv, ran down when we knew they were close, then went back upstairs to warmth and to munch on a delicious brunch spread. We finally parked it outside and cheered our little hearts out. It worked out that anyone I was tracking would hit the half marathon point, and I would know to look for them within the next 5-8 minutes. I missed a few friends, but saw so many as well!

 Oh Meb, when I didn't think I could love you more, I do.
 LIC welcomes you

The bullhorn was clutch. It allowed me to cheer and not completely lose my voice!!! We called out names and charities and so many people were pumped. We spent almost 5 hours cheering there!

The good running vibes were contagious. For the first time since last year post-Philly marathon, I actually thought "I want to run this again." Thank you runners, for inspiring, persevering, and reminding New York how great we are when we come together to celebrate!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE FINISHERS! I've loved reading all your recaps, keep them coming!

How about you? Did you race this weekend? Cheer? Stalk on Twitter? TELL ME ABOUT IT!