Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya, tomorrow...

It's only a daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Tomorrow, I find out if I get picked in the lottery for the NYC ING Marathon. EEK. This is it.

If I don't? I will run with Team World Vision, a fabulous organization that I want to partner with even if I get in through the lottery. I want to give back while running; it feels like it means more when you're achieving something that benefits someone else!

I've been busy. VERY busy. Here are some of my favorite snapshots from my SPRING BREAK! (Love being a teacher!!!)

Lambeau got to come on the beach with us EVERY DAY! We did a morning walk (Around 8am) then my friend Alyssa and I would bring him with us for the morning...he had a little tent made out of the back of a chair, towels and dresses!!! He was in puppy heaven.
Pure bliss. Sitting on the beach, wind, heat, sun. 54 degree water? Ok. Just because it was 89 degrees and I was STEAMING!

SANDY GOT MARRIED! A FABULOUS coworker got hitched; it was quite the event!

Easter in CT with the family; these are my gorgeous nieces. (By the way, I'm wearing 3 inch heels...)
Another niece at Easter; little Ella!!! Brian is in love. She has that affect on people ;-) LOOK AT THAT DRESS!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gone for a run...

Well, not today. Sad day. Tired. Trader Joe's. RAINY. Cold. I WANT VA BEACH WARMTH AS OF THIS SATURDAY!

Go to this blog: http://www.tallmomontherun.com/2011/04/gone-for-run-giveaway.html So many entries available for a great gift certificate, get the multiple entries option!!!

Did I mention it's TWO WEEKS EXACTLY until I find out if I get a lottery entry into the ING NYC Marathon?!

Triple EEK.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This picture says it all...

I was seriously so glad to be done.

This past week consisted of resting and recovering...a lot more resting than recovering, including a minor stomach bug (Thankfully AFTER my race!). Did a great 3.7 mile run Friday, and a great 3 mile run Monday, in the midst of a VERY busy weekend.

April break starts Friday. Leave for VA Beach Saturday. Beach side runs to come. Return to the gym at 5am? PERHAPS!

15 (almost 14) days until I find out if I made the NYC ING Lottery...EEK!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Half Marathon recap

I was ready to conquer the world at the original location of The World's Fair in Flushing, NY. Got to the race at a nice 8:15am, with a start time of 9:13am that was uncharacteristically late, but I knew the layout and it was a 15 minute drive from my apartment...plus my AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL husband was going to be bored waiting around for me, so I compromised ;-)
This was our Team World Vision from our church, Forefront Church! YAHOO! Go fundraisers go! Thank you again for all who donated. It was incredibly generous of you.

So I finally realized that I need to hit new lap to clock my miles individually. Oops. So I don't have a mile breakdown time wise, but I do have a fabulous monologue to give you a wonderful depiction of this difficult race.

Weather: Sunny, around 45 degrees. Felt colder in the shade, HOTTER in the sun!
Time: Race started at 9:13am
Where: Flushing-Corona Meadow Park
Distance: 13.1 (Or 13.3 if you had a Garmin to tell you the TRUE DISTANCE!)

Miles 1-4: ROCKING. My music was INCREDIBLE (Thank you Chris Brown Kiss Kiss pandora) Most times when I looked at my watch, it was in the 8's; 8:20, 8:40, etc. I saw my husband, which made everything wonderful. I also saw a co-worker!!!
Miles 5-8: Ok, maybe I was over zealous with my speedy gonzalez legs which are not usually so speedy gonzalez...and I saw an old student! He freaked out and said, "Ms. Miller?!" It took a few seconds for it to click, I finally returned with, "Hi Kevin!"
Miles 9-12: Kill. Me. Now. My blisters started stinging. Like really stinging. I started running oddly to avoid them, but had to return back to my normal gait. It hurt. A lot. Saw husband at mile 12, and thankfully he had my water for a mid mile hydrate. I was thirsty. Not a good sign.
Mile 13-13.3: Angry, for the second year in a row, the race is longer than it should be. Such a horrible mind game which always results in me slowing down to finish.


Time: 2:10, 9:58/mile for 13.1 miles, not 13.3
PR: 2:06
Previous times:
2:17 (First 1/2 marathon)
2:29 (1/2 marathon when I had a bronchial infection...not smart.)

And now for some photos:

All business
Brian taking in the local sites. These were used in Men in Black as the Roswell spaceships I think.

And now, a dedication to the songs (That I can remember) that got me through this race:

- Heya - Outkast
- All the Above - T. Pain
- Let's get it Started - Black Eyed Peas
- Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun - Chris Brown
- Remember the Name - Fort Minor
- All of the Lights - Rihanna
- Oh Na Na - Rihanna
- Live Your Life - T.I.
- Watcha Say - Jason Darulo
- Stronger - Kanye West

And that's just a few. Thank you again to everyone for all your support! And now, my finish line video...haha...I was in pain: