Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting back in the game...

My puppy love is getting so big! I can't feel his ribs anymore, and then suddenly one morning I realized, he feels HEAVIER! Aw my baby is growing up. Shoot. I'm officially one of those lunatic people who talks to her dog like a baby.
Ok, confession time. I ran last Sunday with Laurie , and it was great. Felt good, 3 miles, decent speed, I was back. Monday came and I had tons of work to do. Tuesday was parent teacher conference so I was at school pretty much from 7:30am-7:30pm. Wednesday I spent the whole day writing a paper I thought was due that night, but was, in fact, due THIS upcoming Wednesday night. I went to the gym after class because I spent all day writing said (10page) paper, and only got 2 miles in the treadmill before I had to call it quits. TOO HOT in the gym! Made me nauseous. Blech. Thursday NO running, work then class till 9:10. Friday was yoga club, which for me isn't a work out because half the time I walk around check kids (Yoga club will be explained below). Saturday I waited tables, which is a huge workout, but not the kind I needed or wanted. And today, well, I was focused on home things; making a casserole, cleaning the kitchen, did a little Christmas shopping while watching Green Bay kick COWBOYS BUTTS!, and now it's my bedtime. Sigh. So confession: MY goal last week was 18 miles. I did 5. FAILURE. This week I have a new plan:

15 miles. PLUS, I am not allowed to get a gingerbread latte if I don't run in the morning. I'm starting smaller and working my way up.

This means getting up at 5am to go to the gym. EW. It grosses me out. I only get a 'special' starbucks drinks when I have to go to school at night, because I change trains in Times Square, where there is a starbucks RIGHT outside the subway station...convenient...tempting...I fall for the 200 calorie grande skim no whip gingerbread latte every time. So, new resolve: No "healthy-ish" gingerbread lattes for me if I do not exercise in the morning. I am determined. I am purposeful. I am SO not looking forward to this...but maybe I am in a sick sort of way.

Product review: Trader Joe's Gingerbread Coffee = AMAZING. Seriously. This stuff is goooooood. This is why I don't get a gingerbread latte everyday, because this is a superb substitute without the milk, fat, sugar etc, and it needs to be in your pantry NOW! I heard the winter blend from Trader Joe's is also exceptional, so I will get it and product review it asap.

Please kick me in the butt...I'm so used to not working out that I'm in a rut...and I have a 4.78mile turkey day race next week with Brian! Eek! My tall guy is going to show me up big time!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My schedule...

My puppy Lambeau..pronounced Lam-bow...the 13th love...I have 3 nieces and 8 nephews... 12 grandkids in my family.... 13th love?! Well, Kate is having her SECOND kid *(Who I think is a boy...but I haven't seen her! I've been right 90% of the time...) Lambeau is MY baby. He knows me as mommy. He knows I'm STRICT and LOVING. He's the best puppy ever, almost FULLY potty trained and a LOVING boy...all he needs is a strong guiding CRATE TRAINED hand which he is getting!

This is me turning 25 on 10/24/09 at 11:30pm:My hubby Brian (affectionately known as Bri) planned a PERFECT bday weekend! Saturday night: Birthday dinner with friends...4 different couples who didn't know each other but LOVED each other. AKA amazing. Brunch on Sunday was my college friends...and then Green Bay lost...WEEK RUINER.

Ok this deleted because of my stupid Vaio. I LOVE MY VAIO. Maybe it's blogger and facebook, but seriosly, when I click something BAM on the previous pg with no abilite to go back! Here's why I've been MIA...

So, happy bday 11/4 to the previously mentioned Kate! She's awesome and expecting...I love my sissy and get sad when she doesn't text me (I'm blessed with 3 AMAZING Sisters: Melissa, also known as Meliss, Jennifer also Known as Jen, and Katelyn, also known as Kate...Kate is my clostest in age...but we all have the middle name ANN!)

Anyway, here's my schedule, in case you were wondering schedule:

Mon: Work 8:10 - 3:07; really, arrival is at 7:35am (Homework in the evening) make a GREAT dinner

Tue: Same as Monday (Homework in the evening) Make a dinner with leftovers

Wed: 8:10-3:07 work, 4:50-7:20 college, homework done in breaks, on the subway, etc (hopefully Bri has leftovers

Thu: 8:10-3:07 work, 4:50-7:20 the HARDEST class, thesis class 7:30-9:10...I haven't weighed myself.

Every other day: I'm going up stairs, eating healthily, I'm doing as much activity, and I'm about to go back to the gym, maybe even Sunday. Go back to the gym, why do you ask? I pulled a muscle during EARLY October due to Bronchitis in my upper rib cage/chest, therefore disabling me working-out wise in every which way. The pain can't be described: laughing, pain. Turning, pain. walking, pain.

Now I'm back.

I have some inspirational stories for later. But how are you?!