Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pregnant Runner Thoughts IV

Only a couple of more weeks being pregnant! Barring any extended stay reservation changes, Henry should be here in just about two weeks! Alas, my running has stopped. In case you missed it, here are my thoughts as a pregnant runner herehere and here. Although I stopped running last week, I've had a lot of thoughts since my last post. Here is my advice for any pregnant lady runners out there!

Post 5k while 7 months pregnant!

Beware of the comparison game. Thankfully, I never really fell into this category (Okay, maybe on a dark day a time or two...), but I often reflected throughout my pregnancy how easy it would be to play. I follow a lot of maternity fitness companies and people on Instagram and Twitter, and they are constantly posting photos of these fabulous pregnant women who are doing fabulous fitness fetes! Chances are, they are running faster and further than I have my whole pregnancy, rocking the bump like pros! As competitors, it's easy to think "I wish I was doing that much" or "I can't believe my pace compared to this". It's just like regular life running, but with a bunch of hormones mixed in! Don't do it. Embrace your body for what it can do. If you're running a half marathon at 30 weeks pregnant, BRAVO to you! If you're walking 30 minutes a day at 20 weeks pregnant, GOOD FOR YOU! What is important is your and the baby's health and wellness, not beating your PR or intervals. Your fitness is your fitness, be proud of it!

Guilty....I felt like this the last 4 months of being pregnant!!  So glad I can run now, even though my body is hurting, lol!

Know when it's not worth it to run. We're always down to run right?! It's a mood booster, healthy, and makes us feel alive! Mr. Miller became nervous as my pregnancy progressed (around 28 weeks and on, when the belly was growing rapidly) that I was doing too much. We discussed his concerns with my doctor, and he told us that I would know when to back off. He was right. There were days when I would come home with the heart to run, but the energy of a sloth. I would compromise by walking Lambeau extra long, or trading it up for yoga (Less likely to trip and fall in my sloth like state!). Sometimes, I took a nap! Or just relaxed! Oh the horror! Bottom line, you don't need to be a fitness hero 24/7. You need to listen to your body, which makes you your baby's hero. 

theo and beau - by far one of the cutest things I have ever read!
Downward facing dog?! I just discovered Theo and Beau, oh my goodness, this is how I feel sometimes! 

Find friends to work out with. I was scared to run with people once I became pregnant, mainly because my pace slowed a lot. I continued attending Nike Training Club with friends, which allowed me to still be with my fitness community and go at my own pace. In the past two months, I had the pleasant surprise that my work wife committed to a couch to 5k app, which was totally doable for me! It got me out of the house and excited about my last weeks of running while pregnant. Don't be scared to ask people to join you, chances are they'll be excited and motivated about a sweaty mama!!!

20 weeks 4 mile Super Bowl run!

30 weeks NTC workout!

How about you? Any advice for expectant mother runners? Do you prefer group or solo workouts? Have you been enjoying this GORGEOUS weather? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Week 36 Update

Well, that was a busy two weeks! Things have been rocking and rolling over here. We took our birthing class, set up most of the nursery corner, and have organized organized ORGANIZED! It's becoming absolutely real, and thankfully my excitement is competing with my anxiety/fears. We're getting to the point where we just want to meet him! So, here's what's been going on lately.

Energy level: I'm still sleeping through the night (With a bathroom break or two, but going right back to sleep)! I experienced one night where I had six charlie horses (humidity is my kryptonite), but other than that, I'm waking up feeling rested and ready to tackle the day. Around 11am I start to get a little tired, but nothing to complain about. By 3pm, my swelling has begun and my legs/feet are pretty uncomfortable. My wedding rings still fit, but I get nervous that I will swell up and they'll get stuck, so they're remaining at home from now on. (It happened to a friend...) Since I am on my feet constantly and am experiencing very sore feet/legs at night, my last day will be this Friday. EEK. So insane to say, but I have four teaching days left, and then I will be a SAHM for the next 16 months

My 4th grade class wrote me the most beautiful card! The classroom teacher was nervous I would somehow go early, so she made sure they gave it to me! So cute. There were tears.

Exercise: I have stopped running. Last Monday I joined my coworker for a walk run and it went really well. My legs and feet felt heavy, but I blame the humidity. After that, my bladder seemed to have caught on to the fact that Henry will be joining us soon, and I can barely do anything without needing to rush to a bathroom. Case and point: walking ten minutes to the subway causes anxiety because I need to make a bathroom stop. I have a bladder of steel (I slept seven straight hours as recently as two weeks ago), but suddenly things are NOT so spacious! I am completely okay with this. I gave it my best shot, and I continue to walk as much as I can everyday. I am continuing my yoga practice and some light plyo work (Squats, lunges etc). 

 We went to the park for a nice hilly walk before sun tanning on a GORGEOUS weekday afternoon. This fab Target maternity suit is helping me even out some tan lines!!!

Somebody was happy as could be in his favorite spot. Love this puppy.

Cravings: SMOOTHIES! Finally, something HEALTHY! I have had a smoothie every morning for breakfast for the past two weeks. When Mr. Miller asked me if I was making an egg sandwich (A normal breakfast for me), I said "I'm over egg sandwiches! Smoothies from now on!" I've also been enjoying Cinnamon Life. It's a favorite cereal from childhood, and it was on I bought four boxes. I'm on my last box and am panicking. Must. Make. It. Last!

My usual smoothie includes: spinach, a banana, frozen strawberries, plain greek yogurt, almond butter, and almond milk.I've also been enjoying making my own greek yogurt with fresh fruit and chia seeds. Once you mix the seeds in, you can't tell they're there!

Weight gain: 33lbs. WHOA. I'm playing catch up?! 5lbs in two weeks. I don't feel much bigger, but that whole "You stop gaining weight at the end" is not reality for me! I'll try to not blame it on not running. (Disclaimer: I did weigh myself this past Friday, which was 36.5 weeks....uh...yea. I'll find solace in that!)

I was in a subway car all by myself for three stops. It was my dream to do it, but I didn't realize how scary it would feel! I survived and have a selfie to show for it.

Mental status: The "your life is going to change forever" is starting to set in. I've known this since we started talking about having kids, and my older brother has said to me a million times "Wait till you have kids..." (Jaime, it's coming!). I had the opportunity to hang out with some amazing girlfriends this week, and every time I left a super fun gathering I got a sense of finality, like "Things are changing". I was texting with my friend about it last night and she was feeling the same way; I'm having a baby, another friend in our group is moving in August, things will never be the same. Change is good, but I don't cope with change well. Thankfully, I know my friends aren't going anywhere, but the drop everything for bottomless brunch or staying out late have come to an end. Leaving work is also affecting me emotionally. Everyone is envious and happy for me, but leaving my school which has been my work place for six years is definitely a huge shift for me. These are changes I am more than happy to make, but hormonal realities are always more dramatic! 

 Runner happy hour!!!
Dinner with my girls!

Best Advice: a nurse can check your car seat. My neighbor is an engineer with the fire department, so I asked if they do car seat checks. He told me that nurses do them, and my other neighbor is a nurse! SCORE! Henry's car seat will be installed tomorrow and be ready for his baby body to take its inaugural ride! 

How about you? Have you ever reached a point, whether by injury or pregnancy, where you had to stop running? Have any fun plans Memorial Day weekend? Tell me about it!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 34 Update

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I hope you're enjoying double cervezas y margaritas in my honor. We are almost to month 9!!! Yes, I'm sure some of you just did the math in your head and realized that 40 weeks is actually ten months of pregnancy. Six more/less weeks left until we meet Henry. Things have been quite busy with nesting nesting NESTING! Here's a quick rundown of how things have been going.

Energy level: reality is setting in. Carrying the extra weight, my crowded lungs and the extra pressure of my fella slowly moving downward has been creating a very tired me. After exercising it seems necessary to have a lighter activity day the following day because I'm ZAPPED! Plus all this nesting/organizing is making me SUPER tired mentally. Maybe that is why I've developed an eye twitching tick? Yea, that's been fun.

We dog sat for Brady dog last weekend. He didn't seem to mind being crowded by a baby belly...

Exercise: I've been aware of my new limits. Taking the stairs at work has become challenging on my entire body, not just in my lungs (as has been the case since about 16 weeks). I'm still plodding on with some run/walk workouts (2-3 per week), but I've been relying on walking a lot more when I'm tired. I even got a NTC workout in this week! Lots of lunges, squats, and elevated push-ups! Overall I'm still feeling mobile, but slower and slower.

Will this be my last Nike mirror selfie? Only time will tell!

Cravings: COOKIES. Must. Lay. Off. The. COOKIES! I love them. When someone offers me cookies, I can't say no, it's like a new rule. I went to the Astoria Flea this past Sunday and found these incredible Brookie Cookies NYC. WHOA. They're soft mini cookie sandwiches and TO DIE FOR.

The lone snickerdoodle one blew my mind. Can't wait to get more! 

Weight gain: 28lbs! Yup, we're climbing. Slowly but surely, those pounds have increased instead of slowed down like lots of books say they will. Henry is just making up for lost time...because clearly all those pounds are baby chub!...

I read the book Those Darn Squirrels to a kindergarten class that I was not familiar with. One cutie raised her hand and said "You look like a squirrel!" I laughed and said "But I don't have bird seed in here, I have a baby!" The whole class squealed and proceeded to tell me all about "Their babies".

Mental status: a bit overwhelmed. As time is flying by, I feel like my to do list is increasing instead of decreasing. In addition to trying to getting the "nursery corner" done, complete my registry and wrap things up at work, I have to add in maternity workshops, squaring away insurance, a full day lamaze class...sigh. Time is slipping away. I believe the words "WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!" Came out of my mouth a few times in angst this week...

Jack is back, maybe he'll take care of all my to-do's and my labor for 24 hours...

Best advice: It will all get done. Mr. Miller had to calm me down from said running out of time rants, and he reassured me that we will get everything done. When I freaked out and said "What if we don't?!" I was hit with "What's the worst that could happen? People will help us and it will all work out just fine." Sigh. He's wicked smahht. 

If all else fails, Lambeau will babysit while I complete projects, right? That's our Babyletto Hudson crib and I love it. Hopefully nursery pictures will be present in the week 36 update!

How about you? How do you handle a huge to do list? Do you find yourself easily overwhelmed? Have you tried any good cookies lately? TELL ME ABOUT IT!