Friday, May 29, 2009

I think I'll go to Boston...

Anyone remember that song?! Yea, well, I really am going to Boston! Brian got Dave Matthews Band tickets at Fenway Park, so he and my childhood friend/neighbor Mark are going together, and I'm going along for the ride!!! I love DMB, but tickets are hard to come by, and Mark was nice enough to give us his tickets in April for Madison Square Garden, so it was only right for Brian to go with him now! It's so funny, my childhood playmate and husband are now really good friends...bonded by iPhones and Dave Matthews was love at first bump (If you have an iPhone, you'll know what I mean...if you don't, google it).

Just did a quick 2.6 run with my Annie dog. She is SO lazy! My parents only walk her, and she mirrors their lifestyle. Annie needs to get into shape again. I guess I'll have to try! She really does hold me back, unless there's another dog ahead, in which case she goes at normal speed. Quick background of Annie: My parents adopted her from New Orleans, she was clearly abused, and is by far the best dog ever. My parents can't survive without her, she's totally their 7th (Yes 7th) child!

Yesterday I did a 3 mile treadmill run. Went horribly. Especially when the chic next to me is my gym idol, so fierce on the treadmill, and I was feeling pretty down on myself (7 lbs more than I want to be, and a month of partial banning by Brian because of my VERY sore ankles and knee). I determined I would go, but made the mistake of carrots beforehand (I know what you're thinking, "So what?!"). Unfortunately, I immediately got heartburn, combined with having my gym idol next to me going 6.5 and already 4.5 miles under her belt, I just wanted to give up! Ugh, but I continued and made it three miles with a one minute recovery walk each mile. It felt good to finally break through, but I want to do MORE!

I start summer class this Tuesday, it's Tuesday and Thursday nights 5:15-10. UGH. Hopefully I'll have time the other days to RUN MY LITTLE BUTT OFF!

Have a great weekend! GET OUT THERE AND BE ACTIVE!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 Months married....engaged a year ago...going to COLDPLAY!

SOOOO I've had off all this week, and have done nothing and everything. The only thing that stinks is that my husband has been working! BOOOOOOOOOOO. And maybe he's a little jealous that I've been doing nothing ;-) No honey I love you!

Yesterday (In case you noticed the counter that I just can't let go of!) we "celebrated" being married for 5 months! Awwwww. Now, it wasn't a "let's get a card chocolate and flowers" day, no it was more like, "Have a good day at work Bri!" "See you...Happy 5 months!" "No! You remembered before me!" "Ha ha, I finally got you!" He said with a coy smile. Darn you Miller! However, I got over my defeat and we went to dinner at Mexican, met up with our friends at the Bohemian Garden, then he dropped me off at Indigo where my friends were eating "All you can eat crabs" and I don't eat seafood, so I went for the AWESOME COMPANY! (Sandy Janina and others from school!) We had a great time. But wait, where was Brian going?! OH YES! HE WAS GOING TO PICK UP THE COLDPLAY TICKETS HE BOUGHT FROM SOMEONE IN THE CITY!!!

Below is a picture of the last time we went to a Coldplay concert:

Yes yes we got ENGAGED at the last coldplay concert! I posted in my blog A LONG time ago, please find the rest of the pictures if you haven't seen it, he was TRULY steller, romantic, and surprised me! ...Please notice in the picture all my rings. I used to wear lots of rings. Now I only wear my wedding band/ring. Hmmmm. Maybe I should find my opal, garnet and sapphire again...but Coldplay in Connecticut this weekend is going to rock out, I can't wait! Chris Martin, you're a genius.

Now it's story time. Two nights ago I had a really bad headache because I was tired. So I drank a glass of wine and relaxed and blogged and facebooked. Well, it went away thankfully, and I made yummy cheesy chicken quesadillas. And, beyond Brian's wildest dreams, I rented Bride Wars! He was so excited (Um yea no), but took one for the team and put it on. WELL, mysteriously, our remote for the dvd player has our STUDIO we couldn't get it to play. Poor Brian had to miss out on the movie while I watched it on the laptop and he had to suffer through the NBA playoffs. Poor guy. Anyway, he said, "Have a glass of wine and relax with the girly movie." So I did...and after the one before and quesadillas...heartburn. SHOOT. So I started guzzling water. Milk prob would've been better. Finally we go to sleep and I'm halfway there and "Hiccup". That's my hiccup by the way. Oh yes, they wouldn't stop! I start whining bc I just want to go to sleep...Bri starts googling ways to get rid of hiccups, I start guzzling pepto bismal for heartburn while hiccuping still, I drank about a gallon of water, stood on my head, ugh. Finally we gave up and fell asleep with the hiccupping...thankfully I woke up without them.

And that's the tale of the dreadful hiccups!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine flu, working out, and a glass of chardonney

SOOOOOOOOO! Last Thursday 270+ kids were absent from my school of 1400+ kids...and then 70 or so were sent home...AHHHHHH closed because of the swine flu! We have so many prego teachers, and so many low income families, they had to close. Thanks NYC! So I have to go back to work this Friday, which rolls into a 3 day weekend...sweet as long as I or prego teachers don't get sick! ;-)

I've been working out like WHOA for the past 3 days. Did eliptical Sunday and weights etc, 8 miles Monday, Eliptical and weights today, and hoping for another 8 miles tomorrow! I've been pretty sore though, my knee (Which I broke twice...once at 7mo's and once at 7 y/o), and ankles are hurting. ANY ADVICE ABOUT SORE ANKLES? My husband is banning me from running tomorrow, but we all know the itch will not die!

What have I been doing with my free time since last Thursday night, when I found out the news that I would get 5 days vacation paid? Well, I've been cooking, working out, cleaning, and having the occassional chard. Amazing. I really love wine. I'm in the mood for a vineyard. I wish CT had a vineyard area (That's where Bri and I are going this weekend for Memorial Day and a COLDPLAY CONCERT!)

That's all for now...I'll write more tomorrow...I'm making cheesy quesadillas tonight, a better alternative to the "typical" quesadillas! Keep running readers, you can do it! Another mile run is another mile behind you!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Runner's Diet

For those of you who run: You think like me probably. I run, therefore I don't have to watch what I eat as closely as I used to. WRONG!!! As I said in a previous post, despite running a lot, I've gained a few pounds from my "satisfactory" weigh in the last two months or so. I went on and found this plan, and I'm going to try it out. Be sure to know: This is a lifestyle choice, not a "diet". It even says so in the article, "This is to monitor your calorie intake, it's not a guideline about what you have to eat, it's just suggestions."

Check it out!,7120,s6-242-304-310-7771-0,00.html

Saturday, May 9, 2009

More pictures and Running Revamp

SO here are a few more pictures from my half marathon! IT seems like forever ago and it was really just two weeks ago! My knee has been really irritating me since the half, but I'm working through it. I ran my first four miles the other day and it felt GREAT! I seriously could've gone forever, but I know I need to build back up. So this next week, now that college is finally out (MORE ABOUT THAT LATER), school is almost over, and I'm amped to run all around New York City. I'm really looking forward to summer runs EARLY in the morning, going through the park, where the BEST dogs are, and having the rest of my day to do what I want! Ah!

Next Race: I'm running a 10 k with my friend on June 7, and then I may run a half marathon in the Hamptons in September. I don't want to go too crazy with half marathons, so I think I'll try to do two a year, and build up from there. So my immediate goal is to get into better shape, increase my times, and lose my stupid 5lb winter skin!!!

So the *May*keover hasn't really happened this year, I'm not as inspired. Sigh. I want to lose 5lbs. I've been so good but somehow 5lbs have crept back up on me! Everything still fits, I just miss the comfort of the number. And I ate oreos last night. SHOOT. And maybe three today. And maybe I want one RIGHT NOW.

College is almost out for the semester, ending Tue night with finals presentations. I had to write a paper today, about 8 pages, and it was TORTURE. I picked a topic that I thought was cool, but there wasn't enough research to back it up...meaning I had no information to put in my paper! I had to tweak my topic a bit, but in the end I got what I needed to get done. I don't think it's a good paper, and it took me almost 6 hrs to write, but I think it worked out ok. Can't wait to be done with college. I'm dreading my 25 pg thesis paper I'll have to write next spring! GAH!

We have 34 school days left, I can't wait to be FREE of work so early in the morning!

Alright guys, mother's day is tomorrow! Yahoo! Hanging with my fam in CT. I've had a pretty boring day here minus a haircut break mid morning, just cut 2 inches off and added some layers, maybe I'll get a pic up! Wait and see...

Till next time.