Sunday, October 24, 2010

For all you mommies out there....

Here's another cute cute cute giveaway!!! Check it out!!!

In other news, I turn 26 tomorrow. Hmmm.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Running thoughts

So, this is the GORGEOUS wedding we attended this weekend! Out of control BEAUTIFUL!!! I shed some tears as my wonderful friend A and my new friend R tied the knot. Yahoo!

Only sad note: NO HOTEL GYM. Brian prefers I rest and relax when away, even though I prefer to cozy up to the roads or the treadmill ;-)

So, today was my return run. 5.5 miles, same run I did two weeks ago. My Garmin was running on empty, so I ran "Naked". In the words of Brian, "People have been running for centuries without that. You'll survive."

Thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon run:

- I get really competitive while running. Why am I so competitive when I'm so slow?!

- I like the smell of leaves. Why don't the leaves smell like this all year round?!

- I don't like the extra weight around my mid section. Why don't I run more?!

- Am I satisfied with the progress these past few weeks? YES.

I'm trying to do it all; wife, teacher, runner.

Oh yea, and I begin teaching a yoga club at my school this week. Attach: wife, teacher, runner, YOGA GURU. HA!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Something old, something new

Due to a busy schedule (teaching + tutoring), Thursday and Friday turned into rest days. But I have a big event this weekend....

Amie and Ryan are getting MARRIED!!! YAHOO! This picture is two of my BEST friends from college ever, dare I say BFF's. Amie, to the right, is marrying the wonderful Ryan this weekend.

A&R, you are literally PB&J and I love you both. Getting my vocal chords ready for a reading. Huh hmmm.

Two other thoughts:

1. Let's go Yankees (Due to my New England roots, this is odd, but I've loved them since age 14. I love that I live in NYC and can legitimately cheer for them. Hey Boston, where you at?Oh yea, not in thee post season.)
2. Let's go Packers. I'll be FL, let's SQUISH THE FISH! (Lambeau, I'll love you and miss you.) Watching it from a reputable Packer's bar Bri the husby found online. Let's hope it's legit.

Hopefully the hotel gym and I will be BFF.

Off to a weekend adventure....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Leaf for fall

First things first: Packers family photo. Packers, step up your game. For goodness sake, STEP. UP. YOUR. GAME. (I hope everyone can see Lambeau has a fab jersey!!!)

So I wrote my "comeback from runner's depression" post, and I've acted on it.

Saturday: 3 mile run
Sunday: 5.5 mile run
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 mile treadmill run (Incline variation)
Wednesday: (Morning) 1 mile elliptical 40 minutes weight training / (Afternoon) 3 mile run

...I'd say that's pretty darn good! Some personal growth that I've seen this week that has made a difference:

I finally feel good about getting up at 5am (eek). I'm ok with that.

I finally feel like when the over 10:00/mile signal beeps on my Garmin (S-L-O-W), I'm ok with that too.

I finally feel that at 5am, 3 miles will settle for an attempted 4 mile run. I'm ok with that also.

This is a step in the right direction. This is a step back to "I love working out", rather than "I have to work out". With a positive attitude, results are sure to follow (Evidence: Danny, winner of Biggest Loser two seasons ago, had the best attitude EVERRRRRR).

Second half of the week is going to be killer.

Let's do this.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Not So Cli-Shéa: My First GIVEAWAY!!!

Found this super cute site with a super cute giveaway! Mommies, follow and comment!!!

Not So Cli-Shéa: My First GIVEAWAY!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've wanted to write about a lot of things...

So much has gone on in the past month and a half, and there were many events to document. Some of them included:

Vacation with my family...
Kayaking with Brian in VA Beach and experiencing a dolphin playing with us for 10 minutes:
Disney with teacher friends:

My battle with Minnie:
Sister and family visiting us for lunch in Little Italy:
Hanging out with my niece and nephew in Times Square:

But what is absent from this list of pictures is any race pictures.

Not one.


While on vacation at the end of August, I realized how far behind in training I really was due to knee and foot injuries. This was a hard pill to swallow. My "trainer", childhood friend and accomplished marathon runner, advised that a marathon would not be fun for the untrained.


I had to take the wisdom and accept that I would not be running the Hartford Marathon. It was very disappointing to say the least.

Then the running ceased.

I couldn't get the energy to run. I tried and tried. I started teaching again. I went to Disney. I got sick with a cold. Stayed sick for a couple of weeks. I am tutoring two days a week. I. Am. BUSY.

Too busy?


That's why, for the past two weeks, I have been slowly getting back into a work out routine. 3 days a week I have done SOMETHING to exercise, not just run.

Yesterday was my potential marathon day. I felt bad for myself, sad, upset. And then my husband told me to "suck it up you'll do another one, stop wallowing!" (This was after all the niceties that didn't do any good with my complaining...). So I sucked it up. I stopped wallowing. I Ran. I signed up for my Thanksgiving race. It felt good to get something concrete to aim for.

So, here I am. My miles have been depleted. My aerobic breathing is crappy.

But I will run. And run. And run. Past defeat and disappointment. I will run because I love it.

I run to run.