Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm in school again...

So I haven't blogged! Let's go through a quick rundown of my life the past two weeks:

- School is busy
- I gained 3 lbs (Don't want to talk about it)
- I read and finished Pride and Prejudice again, amazing as always
- I worked at the restaurant this Saturday and last Saturday; this past one was WAY better than the one before
- Packers are 2-0! WOOHOO!
- I'm getting REALLY close to getting married! We're under the 100 days mark! 96 days as of today!
- I hate my college class and the professor is a jerk. Pompous is the word I most often use to describe him.

Nothing exciting, which is kinda a good thing, because I'm tired. How is everyone out there?! It's STILL hot out, and subway stations need to RECOGNIZE that they need to cool down instead of being a humidity sauna trap! Ha ha

Off until I have something more entertaining to report!
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