Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I had my mini-bachelorette dinner Friday night and it was SO fun!!! We kept it classy no worries. The girls and I (6 total) had so much fun! It was great because all my friends didn't know each other, so it was all different people coming together, and everyone meshed really well!!! Brian was gone for the weekend so I revamped the apartment...soon to be OUR apartment! IT was so strange, I moved my stuff there...and it isn't coming back with me...it's staying...anyone seen the Friends episode where Rachel moves out and Chandler moves in with Monica? Monica cries, "I'M MOVING IN WITH A BOYYYYYYYYYYYY." AH ahaha that's how I feel. Bittersweet but totally exciting!

Thank you for all your advice fellow bloggers! It was great! Off to get a banana on what remains of my lunch...which is 15 minutes :-(
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