Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My accomplished life....

SO I've been really accomplished as a "newly married woman". Of course this isn't going to last forever, I LOVE IT!!! I wrote out an entire meal plan for 2 weeks, and went grocery shopping Sunday night. And oh yes, I based my meals off of what was on sale in the circular!!! (So smart so smart!)

ANYWAY, this is day 3 of this exciting endeavor! The way I work it is We do a big meal one day, and leftovers the next, so I make 3 meals during the week. The weekend is a little more felxible, we eat out probably two times and I honestly don't feel like cooking that much! (That's when Mac n cheese comes in! HA HA!) Anyway, so far I made bbq pork chops and today my sweet and tangy chicken is currently cooking, all of which come from I LOVE THIS SITE! I only look for the EASIEST recipes (Minimal ingredients) and haven't been dissappointed yet! Today's recipe is
8 breasts of chicken,
2 bottles of bbq sauce (I used a spicy one!),
one bell pepper chopped
one onion chopped
two teaspoons of minced garlic

All in the slow cooker for 8 hours on low!

It's great, I prep everything the night before, throw it in in the morning before I go to work, and Brian (MY HUSBAND!) puts the slow cooker on before he goes to work (a little later than me!). It's ridiculously domestic. The kitchen is spotless, every time I cook I do the dishes immediately. I also prep my coffee the night before, still working on figuring out the timer though! We keep changing the setting and hope it'll work on that one, two settings left to try!!! I even prepped scrambled eggs last night and cooked them this morning! (I wake up at 6:15 not so bad.)

Waking up is the best thing. I wake up and see Manhattan. I'll try to take a picture and post what I see. It's still dark so most of the lights are still on. It's fabulous. I going to sleep looking at it and waking up to it. But wait, more importantly, with Brian! :-) It's the best feeling in the world.

Ok enough domestic talk, BACK TO WORK! Any New Years Resolutions I should know about? I think I'm going to try to run a half marathon in April. We'll see. TELL ME YOURS!
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