Tuesday, September 1, 2009

99th post!

YES! It's true! Giveaway time is upon us. I will write more about the past few weeks below, but first things first: GIVEAWAY RULES AND PRIZES! Get ready for...


Note: This picture is only a graphic, has nothing to do with the giveaway! ;-)
Included in this giveaway are some of my favorite things; a good movie, good recipes and good wine! Now, if you don't prefer wine/alcohol, included will be recipes that you can COOK with the wine, therefore burning off alcohol etc (See I think of EVERYTHING!). Here is what you have have to do to get entries and BONUS (duh duh dunnn) entries:

1 Entry: Comment on my blog

2 Entries: Become part of my little army; also known as a Follower

3 Entries: Go to my friend's AWESOME gift basket blog and comment: http://gift-a-cupcake.blogspot.com/

4 Entries: Become a Follower on gift-a-cupcake!

Now, you will need to inform me about your entries etc...please leave a comment telling me what you did, aka followed my blog, gift-a-cupcake's blog, etc! This contest will run until midnight on Thursday, 9/1/09! GOOD LUCK!

Now on to bloggy things...

I've been all over the place this summer. Connecticut, Rochester, Virginia, Catskills, (Brian climbed Mt. Washington in NH! SO PROUD!), so much going on and so little time! This has been a nice long summer; however, my running is not so nice. Notice how I haven't blogged? Half of it is from being en route somewhere and not having time to blog, and the other half is being EXTREMELY discouraged. The heat got to me on my long run. Twice. I was supposed to do 9 miles and only did 8. I was supposed to do 11 miles and only did 10. My speedwork is non existent. My times are HORRIBLE. I HAVE A HALF MARATHON ON SEPTEMBER 26!!! I also begin work September 8, and I start my three class (Yes, THREE CLASSES) grad school night schedule next week. I need to get committed and get committed FAST (Literally and figuratively). So here are my commitments thus far:

- Healthy diet. Traveling was NOT condusive to this. Brian and I are going on a healthy diet. According to the USDA I should be on a 1500 calorie diet, which I've been doing for 3 days. It's easy to stick with because there's so many online tools to check calories and meal ideas. Why the sudden interest? Runner's Diet Mistakes (A MUST READ!) showed me that I was guilty of at least 3 nutritional no-no's.

- New Gym membership. I'm joining a national gym I think (Planet Fitness) which I can go to even when I travel. Therefore, when I go to Connecticut and feel lazy, I will have no excuse if it's raining or cold!

- No potato chips. EEK I know! I eat chips and salsa so much, it's just not cool. I'll do pita bread or baked pita chips, but I'm stearing clear for now.

- Drinking more tea and less coffee.

- LIMITED dairy. (Just enough for calcium)

- After half marathon is over, more cross training and better running. I want to just be better. I'm sick of 11 minute miles...yes, you read this right...11 minute miles :-/

- Sticking to working out in the midst of my classes. I will be going to school two nights a week: 1 class Wednesdays till 7:30 and two classes back to back Thursdays till 9:10. This is going to be hard, but I'm aiming for 4 workout days in the week.

That's all for now. School begins again soon. EEK! And the child running around in Panera is reminding me of how insane these said children can be. However, I love them still!!!

HAPPY BLOGGING! DO THE GIVEAWAY! I'll even give hints about the movie....
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