Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting back in the game...

My puppy love is getting so big! I can't feel his ribs anymore, and then suddenly one morning I realized, he feels HEAVIER! Aw my baby is growing up. Shoot. I'm officially one of those lunatic people who talks to her dog like a baby.
Ok, confession time. I ran last Sunday with Laurie , and it was great. Felt good, 3 miles, decent speed, I was back. Monday came and I had tons of work to do. Tuesday was parent teacher conference so I was at school pretty much from 7:30am-7:30pm. Wednesday I spent the whole day writing a paper I thought was due that night, but was, in fact, due THIS upcoming Wednesday night. I went to the gym after class because I spent all day writing said (10page) paper, and only got 2 miles in the treadmill before I had to call it quits. TOO HOT in the gym! Made me nauseous. Blech. Thursday NO running, work then class till 9:10. Friday was yoga club, which for me isn't a work out because half the time I walk around check kids (Yoga club will be explained below). Saturday I waited tables, which is a huge workout, but not the kind I needed or wanted. And today, well, I was focused on home things; making a casserole, cleaning the kitchen, did a little Christmas shopping while watching Green Bay kick COWBOYS BUTTS!, and now it's my bedtime. Sigh. So confession: MY goal last week was 18 miles. I did 5. FAILURE. This week I have a new plan:

15 miles. PLUS, I am not allowed to get a gingerbread latte if I don't run in the morning. I'm starting smaller and working my way up.

This means getting up at 5am to go to the gym. EW. It grosses me out. I only get a 'special' starbucks drinks when I have to go to school at night, because I change trains in Times Square, where there is a starbucks RIGHT outside the subway station...convenient...tempting...I fall for the 200 calorie grande skim no whip gingerbread latte every time. So, new resolve: No "healthy-ish" gingerbread lattes for me if I do not exercise in the morning. I am determined. I am purposeful. I am SO not looking forward to this...but maybe I am in a sick sort of way.

Product review: Trader Joe's Gingerbread Coffee = AMAZING. Seriously. This stuff is goooooood. This is why I don't get a gingerbread latte everyday, because this is a superb substitute without the milk, fat, sugar etc, and it needs to be in your pantry NOW! I heard the winter blend from Trader Joe's is also exceptional, so I will get it and product review it asap.

Please kick me in the butt...I'm so used to not working out that I'm in a rut...and I have a 4.78mile turkey day race next week with Brian! Eek! My tall guy is going to show me up big time!

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