Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's Almost May

It's almost the last month that my baby will be "months". I know a lot of people (mainly those without children) hate when parents say "They're 15 months" etc. I'm most likely going to stick with 1, almost 1 1/2 etc because, quit frankly, I can't keep track of the weeks/months! FYI for those who do wonder why parents do that, it's because each month, heck even week, brings new development for kids, so saying 15 months means specific things!

Maybe this gorgeous weather will stick around? MAYBE?

I'm considering ways to change things up. I'm still stuck weight wise (Are you sick of hearing me talk about that yet?!), but I am. I looked into Whole 30 and decided that it was extremely close to my previous elimination diet, and I'm simply not putting those restrictions on myself again. What I am considering is committing to a style of eating, strategies to help me move more, and really buckling down the last month before my guy turns one. So, here are my thoughts so far:

- Limit my wine. Oh dear God I can't believe I wrote that WAHHH. But honestly, there seems to be a lot of opportunities lately to indulge, and when I think about it, it's often not worth it. I'm deciding between doing a month long fast or a weekday fast. I'm leaning toward the weekday ;-)
- High protein/vegetable low carb. I love carbs, and carbs love me. However, I know that loading on protein and veggies are a better option. We've been using the grill but doing things like burgers which pack on the bread. I'm hoping to focus on more lean proteins.
- Work in little exercises throughout my day. I find myself sitting at a computer most nap times, which is business focused. I can't avoid that. I need to get things done while my guy rests. However, I can maximize my time with ten minutes here, ten minutes there of movement.
- Create a running plan. I WANT to run. Instead of doing it when it seems optimal, I'm going to nail down a plan and try to stick with it. Not a pressured plan, but something that I can check off to keep me motivated.

How about you? Do you go through phases where you need to do things completely differently? Have you been basking in the outdoors lately? What is your favorite thing to grill? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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