Wednesday, August 5, 2009


THE TRAIL! The iPhone case looked like a cool camera trick ;-)
The end of the 8 mile run...MY THIGHS WERE BURNING!

Decided to do an 8 mile run in a trail in was EXCELLENT! It was really hot out but the trail was completely shaded and kept me from the heat. It was 89 degrees when I was Kristin, REALLY SMART! Ha ha ha. I had a powerade and a bottle of water, and I stopped at my brother's house on the way back to refill! IT WAS HOT but great. I saw a group of three horseback riders, but unfortunately my mapmyrun app was working on the iPhone at that moment, so I didn't want to take a picture...and then it ended up stopping shortly thereafter! GPS signal is a killer in these rural areas! But it was wonderful.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! My daddy saved my ring's true! Brian is away camping on Mount Washington till tomorrow (He's been gone since Monday...ugh I miss him SO much!) and I dropped my ring down the sink! My dad got it out for me thank GOD, I almost fainted/threw up/cried but I was too in shock. It happened in slow motion. I can't imagine being a parent if I'm that dramatic over a piece of jewelry! Ha!

Off to watch HGTV...I should just read Sarah's blog because she is doing AMAZING renovations!

MY HUNDRETH POST IS NEXT! I may do a giveaway, but I don't think a lot of people read my blog. It's a combo giveaway/promo for a friend who is starting a business. It'll be my experiment for marketing on blog! Ha give me feedback. I can't do it if no one is going to participate. DO YOU READ MY BLOG?! LET ME KNOW! Pass the word. It's going to be a CUTE giveaway, a piece of me if you will!
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