Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rainy Sunday wake up in the late afternoon

First, a letter to my Fuel belt.

Dear Fuel Belt,
I left you in New York City. I know I know, I always bring you, and often don't use you, but just having you around is always nice. This trip, however, I have run a lot. I have been in Connecticut for over a week, which means, yes, you guessed it: a long run. Plus it's been super hot. FUEL BELT I NEED YOU! I don't know how I survived before you came into my life, wrapping yourself around me, keeping me safe and hydrated. I miss you so much. I can only imagine you, collecting dust on my counter in front of the coffee maker, your cousin. Today I did a 10 mile run carrying a water bottle...A WATER BOTTLE. Singular. You give me FOUR water bottles. I can't believe I was distracted enough to leave you behind this trip, but I promise you: It will never happen again. NEVER AGAIN!

The Waist You Go Around

But seriously, my Fuel Belt has left me lonesome! I had to carry my bottle, but thankfully at the 5 mile mark there is a Panera, so I drank the whole thing and when I got to 5 miles I filled up at Panera...hey, I've purchased enough coffee from that place to deserve a free refill on water! DON'T JUDGE! 10 miles was ok though, I ran 11 minute miles, but I wasn't trying for time. Honestly, on my long runs I could care less how fast I go, as long as I finish. I hope I burned calories though ;-) This run was great, it was sprinkling when I started but I said to heck with it, it's now or never for this thing! So I bit the bullet and set out. It sprinkled for about 4 miles and stopped. The humidity was at a minimum, and it was extremely overcast, but it wasn't sunny and blazing hot, so I survived! Best part of the run: A teenager in his souped up truck (I ran in a ritzy town next to mine!) said "Hey Baby" to me...through the loudspeaker on his truck! I would've flipped him the bird but it was so funny I started laughing! (If you don't get why it's funny, imagine a police speaker system saying hey baby...except no police car! I was caught off guard I guess!) All in all it was a good day. I haven't weighed myself in a while and I don't think I'll like what I see, so I'll just wait a little longer. No matter how much you exercise, some weight just doesn't want to budge!

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