Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm taking the big step

Alright here I am. I've been absent. You all probably assume why. I haven't been running. I'm a running loser. I think I was burnt out. I think I was too busy and overhwelmed. I know I love my husband and my puppy more than running. However, I need to be healthy. So, we start afresh. I hate New Years Resolutions, they're so trivial and easy to break. However, on our 1 year anniversary (In which we went to a Green Bay Packers game at Pittsburgh...which we lost in the last 4 seconds...) I was 5-6lbs heavier than a year before. No. me. gusta. Also in the motivation category: we leave for a week long vacation in the Bahamas February 15. Yea. Bikini in the dead of winter. No. me. gusta.

So, the buck stops here my friend. No more Christmas cookies, no more edy's apple pie ice cream. No more gingerbread lattes. Self, we are getting down and dirty. Lambeau Loo can be by himself for longer now, and Brian has informed me that if I don't go to the gym within the next 3 days he's cancelling my membership - not in a malicious way, in a "We're not paying for what you're not using way." I get it. So, duh duh duh dunnnnn: Here are my goals for 2010.

1. Back to wedding weight - which I maintained for 9+ months with limited effort. (This is the weight I real wedding weight was WAY lower due to my stress level SOMEHOW causing me to shed pounds in massive doses the last two weeks.)

2. Running at least 3 times a week. Training will require more, but I am sticking to this as a mini goal for in between races when I get lazy.

3. Working out on college night. I usually use my college class as an excuse not to hit up the gym; my ONLY and LAST CLASS OF GRAD SCHOOL this semester only goes till 7:20, and I can therefore still go to the gym just fine. (My past classes got out much later, and my sleep is vital on these days!)

4. Run 3 half marathons. Thus far I have several in mind. I'm interested in the new NYC Half Marathon, 13.1 New York, More Women's Half Marathon, and the Hartford Half Marathon. Only thing is, NYC has a lot of them all at once. So from the first three, I would be aiming for 3 half marathons within about a month. Hmmmm. Could be done; don't know if Brian will let me! ;-) (I'm more fragile to him than to myself!)

5. Ok. I have an an with an ING person who can get me into the NYC Marathon. Dream. Come. True. I'm still not sure if I'm marathon material. So this is more of a hope, rather than a goal. IF I can successfully train and do a 20 mile run, then I may allow myself into a marathon...again pending Brian being on board. (He's seen my struggle and strain in half marathon training and wants me to be healthy rather than hurt myself in FULL marathon training. He's right about this; I need to be serious about training instead of training just for fun!)

6. HAVE FUN. This past year was definitely fun, but that pesky thing I refer to as grad work as really bogged me down. LAME. I want to enjoy my time in NYC, really take advantage of all the fantastic things we can do here!

7. Save money. By far the HARDEST thing to do here! But we're doing it. We will buy a house someday, and we want to be prepared.

THERE! Goals for the year. It's out there. I must go running. I'm going to get out my winterized running pants, my running gloves, a sweatshirt....where is that pesky ear warmer I got for my birthday!? (It has a ponytail hole! YIPPEE!)

I'll let you know how it goes.
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