Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow day!

Yes, it's true, NYC public schools had a SNOW DAY! We found out the day before at about 11am. AMAZING feelings of joy! Work Tuesday became so much more doable, and a day off was an answer to LOTS of prayers. I made sure to make the day count.

In good faith, after a WONDERFUL pedicure with my friends Alyssa and Carly, I went to the gym to work out. It. Was. Closed. Really?! REALLY. In a neighborhood where a large majority WALK everywhere?! I had such good intentions. Instead, I was cold and annoyed with the lack of snow removal on the sidewalks. Instead, we cleaned up, dishes and living room, and watched Couples Retreat. Funny. Clever. We're going to the Bahamas, it felt appropriate.

I ran today because my yoga club was cancelled due to next week being vacation (EEK!). I did 6 miles. 3 miles outside, but it was getting dark, so I had to head into the gym to the treadmill. Read some good people magazine. Carney Wilson: GET A GRIP. Poor lady, but come on! Which leads to a question. Even though I don't think I have that many readers...

What do you do for running in the winter? How cold is too cold to run?

I've been doing it to about 30 degrees, but the snow has created a lot of water, which will freeze once the sun goes down. Long runs especially. I'm just treadmill/gym add I think. Oh well.

And I got shoes. New Shoes. Pictures to follow.
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