Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Year Goals...

So I decided I'm going to check in on my 2010 Goals every month to see how I'm doing. How's THAT for accountability?!

1. Back to wedding weight: According to Wii fit, 4lbs away. UGH. Always the hardest to lose.
2. Running AT LEAST 3x's a week: I did it 3 out of 4 weeks. That's DECENT for getting back into training!
3. Working out on a college night - NO college nights yet...this week will be the first :-(
4. Run 3 half marathons: I signed up for one half marathon, and I'm signing up for another one AND buying new running shoes tonight! YIPPEE!
5. Still no word on the marathon.
6. Have fun - I had some friends visit which was VERY fun, but I need to work on this. My fun has been limited due to Brian being sick and now I'm sick. UGH. Bahamas. It's better in the Bahamas
7. Save money. Not too shabby. Haven't eaten out all that much or made frivolous purchases.
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