Thursday, May 6, 2010

*May*keover 3!

For those of you who don't know the origin of my blogging, here it is: The *May*keover! It has begun again. I'm sorry for not posting in April/the beginning of May, but it's not too late to start! Look at the link for some of the rules. I have adjusted some of them:

- If you need to eat something like sweets or drink alcohol etc, try doing it one-two times a week!
- Once a week, try a two a day! (Workout morning and night)
- Take vitamins!

I also have been using this to become a better "housewife", or home caretaker! My big *may*keover step: Washing dishes as I cook! I don't sit down to eat until MOST of them are done! It's been working out well, and I think, SHOCK, I like it!

Sorry it's so late, still don't know if people read this...let's see how it goes!
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