Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Running thoughts

So, this is the GORGEOUS wedding we attended this weekend! Out of control BEAUTIFUL!!! I shed some tears as my wonderful friend A and my new friend R tied the knot. Yahoo!

Only sad note: NO HOTEL GYM. Brian prefers I rest and relax when away, even though I prefer to cozy up to the roads or the treadmill ;-)

So, today was my return run. 5.5 miles, same run I did two weeks ago. My Garmin was running on empty, so I ran "Naked". In the words of Brian, "People have been running for centuries without that. You'll survive."

Thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon run:

- I get really competitive while running. Why am I so competitive when I'm so slow?!

- I like the smell of leaves. Why don't the leaves smell like this all year round?!

- I don't like the extra weight around my mid section. Why don't I run more?!

- Am I satisfied with the progress these past few weeks? YES.

I'm trying to do it all; wife, teacher, runner.

Oh yea, and I begin teaching a yoga club at my school this week. Attach: wife, teacher, runner, YOGA GURU. HA!
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