Friday, October 15, 2010

Something old, something new

Due to a busy schedule (teaching + tutoring), Thursday and Friday turned into rest days. But I have a big event this weekend....

Amie and Ryan are getting MARRIED!!! YAHOO! This picture is two of my BEST friends from college ever, dare I say BFF's. Amie, to the right, is marrying the wonderful Ryan this weekend.

A&R, you are literally PB&J and I love you both. Getting my vocal chords ready for a reading. Huh hmmm.

Two other thoughts:

1. Let's go Yankees (Due to my New England roots, this is odd, but I've loved them since age 14. I love that I live in NYC and can legitimately cheer for them. Hey Boston, where you at?Oh yea, not in thee post season.)
2. Let's go Packers. I'll be FL, let's SQUISH THE FISH! (Lambeau, I'll love you and miss you.) Watching it from a reputable Packer's bar Bri the husby found online. Let's hope it's legit.

Hopefully the hotel gym and I will be BFF.

Off to a weekend adventure....

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