Monday, February 7, 2011

Cheez Whiz

I have never liked Lil' Wayne, but he put it best:

Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is
I'm a cheesehead, y'all Cheez Whiz
Pittsburgh Steelers, thats nothin'
That Super Bowl ring, thats stuntin'


And my husband was there. No joke. My husband has been to a Super Bowl. Let's just say, he is BLESSED. Everything fell into place. He spent barely any money (Compared to what we thought it would cost) on going to Dallas, staying in Dallas, and going to the Super Bowl. Who can say that?! My man. So glad he got to go and fulfill his dream.

This past week (January 30-February 5) was stinky. Watch this workout summary and weep with me:

Sunday: No running (Brunch and Manhattan and decompressing from the week)
Monday: No running
Tuesday: No running
Wednesday: 3 miles (Kind of tempo)
Thursday: No running
Friday: No running
Saturday: No running

Let's just say, I had some tired issues, some crampy issues, and some "I need to sit at home and relax" issues. It was a really taxing week, my energy level was SO low. I'm feeling much better this week, and I did a race Sunday and ran today. That will be for another post.

Here is January in Review:

Goal: 52.2 miles

Actually Ran: 65.3 miles

YAHOO! That's what I had to push me to get back on the horse after a super tired week.

Goals for February: 70 miles. Let's see if I can get it. I've already run 11.1 miles this month, and since it's a shorter month, this is rather daring. However, I have "February Break" this month, which means way more time for running!!! So, there it is online world, 70 miles for the month of February.

Mini Goals: Add more yoga, and get to double digit long runs.
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