Thursday, January 27, 2011


Lambeau was not happy with the walking conditions. The amount of snow is taller than him.
I was very happy with the gym session. I brought my Nook along (EEK) and, well, we've begun a love affair. The time passed by so quickly while reading on the treadmill; way better than music.

Finally NYC teachers didn't have to trudge through the snow to teach 1/3 of the students that attend our schools! My plans? Oh, I thought you'd never ask...

1. Pancakes and eggs for breakfast
2. Gym
3. Macaroni and cheese for lunch...mmmm...
4. Catching up on Beverly Hills Housewives on DVR
5. More reading in my beautiful wonderful my husband is the best Nook
6. Cleaning...or a nap.
7. A nap...or cleaning.
8. Making a yummy dinner for my had-to-trudge-to-work husband.
9. Maybe a movie???

Grand plans. Just grand. Glad the run happened. It's set my day up for success!
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