Sunday, May 8, 2011

New digs

Ah, you like what you see??? Decided to revamp my bloggy looks a bit. My blog is lookin' fiiiine. Explanation of some of the features:

- The "Mrs. Miller's Miles" title is now in orange, representing the ING NYC Marathon colors. Also, Team World Vision colors (CONVENIENTLY!!!).
- Picture is of the ING NYC Marathon on the Verrazano Bridge.

Yea, that's about it ;-) Now, onto some other "new digs". My feet got some new digs in the mail this week:
I got fitted for these shoes, but chose the color because it was cheaper. Since I'll have to purchase new shoes again before the marathon, I'll get my preferred color then...although these are really growing on students said I had "cool shoes" when I broke them in at work on Friday!!! I haven't been running for the past few days due to some MAJOR allergy issues. Tomorrow, allergies or not, I have to run again. I have to work through it, because I'm not throwing up, I'm just stuffed up.

Lambeau also found some new digs in the form of bedding. He discovered the storage container we got out with summer clothes, and look at that, a perfect sleep spot. Can't say I don't envy how comfy that must've been...for a 5 hour nap. Nice Lambeau, real nice...

181 days until the ING NYC Marathon
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