Friday, December 13, 2013

Gift Guide For Pregnant Runners

My, how my gift ideas have changed! This whole growing a human thing changes what is truly useful to me. Here are some great purchases I've made recently:

For Two Fitness shirts from $50-$55 
These shirts are clever AND comfortable! I bought the long sleeve and tank top. They are made with super soft material and will stretch as needed.

These sweatpants are so comfortable! They're lightweight yet warm. I love the tapered leg, no chance of me clumsily tripping over them! I recommend going up a size due to a slender fit.

Road ID from $19.99
This was my first purchase when I found out I was pregnant. I obviously didn't look pregnant, and wanted to take precautions in case something happened while running. It hasn't left my shoe since! (And actually revealed to a friend I was pregnant by accident!)

These are great workout pants with my "expanding mid section". Although I've only gained a few pounds, I can definitely feel my stomach getting bigger. These beauties have a wide waist band, allowing me not to feel like I'm muffin topping just yet! 

These are awesome. Once thought to be a summer fashion, maxi skirts are fabulously transitioning into fall and winter! The stretchy waist makes it a perfect addition to a transitioning wardrobe. I grabbed a a few colors!

Although it hasn't happened yet, foot swelling seems to be a common pregnancy side effect. I am ready with my trusty socks that have gotten me through marathons! Check out their sock of the month for 50% off!

How about you? What would you add to this list? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

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