Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In case you missed it, I'm pregnant

How's THAT for a subject line!? It feels so weird to publicly talk about it. I'm not one for drawing attention (Though I run marathons with my name plastered on my shirt...), so it's been interesting to finally announce the big news! Here's how life has been over the past few months...

Weeks 0-4: Say WHAAAAAT? We found out right before we went to Connecticut to spectate the Hartford Marathon. We kept it to ourselves before I had the official visits etc.

There was a baby in there!

Weeks 5-8: Telling the family. We Skyped with our parents, but sent out this following picture to siblings because I have so many:

Poor Lamby posed tirelessly to get this exactly right!

I felt pretty good during this time, no real morning sickness to speak of.

 We went on our annual Bear Mountain hike!

I had my 29th birthday party, which was 1920's themed! Naturally drinks were sans the good stuff ;-)

Weeks 7-12: TIRED. I had exhaustion during weeks 4-6, but I attributed that to an audit happening at my school (earlier mornings, later nights). Weeks 7-12 took on a whole new meaning of TIRED. My bed time has been as early as 7:30pm, often with Mr. Miller waking me to "go to sleep" because I've dozed off. I've also experienced some pretty extreme headaches within the last few weeks. 

Exercise: HA! I've tried my best. I had signed up for a half marathon the day before I found out I was expecting, and was doing a decent job of training until week 7. To top it off, the conditions of the half marathon were ridiculous: 23 degrees but felt like 7 degrees, 4o MPH winds, and ocean water spraying up on the course. Yea. I made it 5 miles. I call that a victory.

This was a rare moment when my face was visible. Not the most flattering photo...

So there you have it. Around June 16, 2014, Baby Millz will be making an appearance!

How about you? What's new?! I've been out of the blogging game for a while...
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