Friday, January 10, 2014

18 weeks update

I figured it was time to do a proper update. Time is flying, we're almost halfway there! It is now the beginning of my 18th week pregnant, and I don't have many complaints thus far. Here's what has been going on in pregnantville:

Energy level: HIGH. Compared to my first trimester, which was snoozeville, I have welcomed my second trimester with open arms! I am staying up past 8pm, which is huge!

Our Puerto Rico, why can't I live there?!

Exercise: I have been exercising! Mr. Miller and I have been attempting our own mile a day challenge, and we've made it five out of nine days...the darn cold has kept us indoors "for my safety". It's still hard to take the "You shouldn't do that" type of advice, but accept it I must! I also have been to one NTC workout, and I plan on attending this week as well! They're starting an additional class at the new Nike Running store on the UES at 7:30pm, so check it out this Thursday!

Our mile a day on the snow day last Friday! It wasn't so bad, and we walked when we needed to.

Eating: I'm definitely eating! I've noticed that my snacks aren't cutting it anymore, so I've had to pack extra stuff for work everyday. Seriously, it's likes a bring a grocery store to work! Oatmeal, clementines, a yogurt, lunch, carrots...that's just a day's packing for me. I'm also having a hard time saying no to the occassional cookie, chips, french fries or empanadas offered to me by coworkers...sheesh. I think I'm finally over my aversion to coffee, and there haven't been any other aversions that I can think of!

Blueberry and Gruyere stuffed french toast. Snow day breakfast of champions!

Weight gain: I wasn't going to post about this. I saw tons of other mothers posting about this, and now I feel okay about it. Honestly, it's been interesting transitioning from being a fitness/weight focused person to a person who is supposed to gain weight. More on that in the next paragraph. So, my weight thus far: 9lbs/11lbs. I have two weights: my home scale weight and my doctor's scale weight. I weighed myself when I found out I was pregnant, and have weighed myself on my home scale before each appointment. EVERY. TIME. It's been 2lbs off. So, both of these weights are my truth ;-)

This dress made me look a bit bigger than I was at the time...and I kind of liked that!

Mental status: I didn't realize what a HUGE shift pregnancy would be mentally. I feel like it's not talked about often, and none of my friends have mentioned this as a side effect. My huge mental shifts include how much I'm eating, giving in to cravings, clothes getting smaller and smaller, and my fitness level depleting. More on that in another post!

Gender prediction: Well, it's 50/50! Ha. My appointment is on 2/4/14, but I started panicking today. I had a regular appointment with my doctor, so I begged him to take a peek to see if there goods or no goods. Well, baby was NOT cooperating! He said he was 75/25 with his guess, but since it was a guess, we would talk after my 2/4 appointment. Insert emotional roller coaster! I'm trying to think of a fun giveaway for guesses. Stay tuned. 

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I've appreciated reading all the well wishes and happy thoughts!

How about you? Tell me the latest greatest in your life!
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