Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"You have an excuse..." NOT

Huge shocker: Life is a bit different while growing a little one. Exercise, free time, work life, everything is different. I'm starting to "feel" more pregnant, and with that comes some necessary changes. Even though there are necessary changes and adjustments happening, I feel like screaming from the rooftops: I AM NOT CRIPPLED.

You hear that Lambeau?! I'm not crippled! 

Even in my first trimester, I tried to stay active. Now that I'm in the full swing of my second trimester, I'm trying even harder to walk up the extra flight of stairs, not care if my car is parked far away from home or school, and push myself to get a workout in even if I'm tired. However, the majority of people (most of whom I work with God bless them) feel the need to coddle me with warnings like 
- Don't carry a heavy bag! (Which I need to do my job...)
- Take the elevator!
- Don't bend over! (?????)
- Eat all the candy you want!
- I'll take the paper downstairs, you sit and rest!

I pick up over sized $150 elephants. What.

I'm trying to find a balance when presented with these types of statements. I'm a fairly stubborn person, and have been known to create standing desks and do squats while grading tests because I spend significantly more time sitting during April-May. I understand my body needs rest, I understand I need to be careful when walking in the snow/ice (Thank you Beth for always looking out for me, you know how clumsy I am pregnant or not!), but gosh darn it, CAN I LIVE?! 

I had to work today...BOO! Extra slow walk to the train with extra yummy coffee! Not one slip Beth, not one. Be proud.

"You have an excuse: You're pregnant." I don't think there's a statement that rubs me the wrong way more than that one right now. That kind of excuse can lead to lethargy, which isn't good for me OR the baby. After being completely zapped of energy my first trimester and feeling defeated, I am SO thankful for the ability to work out. I am thankful that I've had a fairly easy pregnancy; I was a nanny for a family whose mom was on bed rest for months for each of her four children and it was the worst for her. I am cherishing my current ability to remain active because I know that this ability could change in a heartbeat.

We visited family in Hershey, PA this weekend...yea, there's no excuse there. When you go to Hershey, you eat chocolate.

I know my story will probably change. Have I been running as much as I would like? Absolutely not. Do I indulge in chocolate chip cookies on the regular right now? Yes...unfortunately that's been a current craving.  Did I have pizza for lunch this afternoon? ABSOLUTELY (Buffalo chicken pizza, and it was divine!). Will well meaning people stop trying to baby me? Probably not. I guess this will be an inner balance I will have to find. As Ashley wrote about the other day, people are all too free to share their feelings/opinions with pregnant friends/strangers, so I guess this will be my new mentality: 

Note: I do care what my doctor says, and he is very happy with my activity level.

How about you? Have you faced a lot of "babying" in your life? Do people love to comment on your exercise routines? Are you running in the polar vortex squared? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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