Sunday, June 1, 2014

*End of* Pregnancy Favorite Things

Hello, maternity leave! Friday was my last day of work. I am taking the next school year off for child care leave, so it was bitter sweet to say good bye to my amazing colleagues, my students (especially the 4th graders who realized they won't see me next year), and to my 5th graders who I have taught since 1st grade. I have two weeks left until my due date, and things are getting REAL. I am extremely thankful for this pregnancy, the vast majority of which I can honestly say was without complaint. However, now that the weather is heating up, things are getting difficult. I have a few life saving items that have been helping me carry on lately, check them out!

Pro Compression Socks. I own a few pairs for running, but they are INVALUABLE to pregnant swelling! Although getting my size smalls on over my swelled feet and legs is like an awkward full body workout, they make such a difference.

Lambeau Puppy remembering the good old days of post long run snuggles. He's part of the compression work!

Oiselle Long Rogas. I bought these last year and liked them; however, they still did the old ride up on my legs and chaffing was always a danger. They were safe for winter/spring running as long as it was cool. Now? They fit PERFECTLY. I wear them all the time and really should invest in another pair. 

On a beach? In a park? Relaxing on a couch? These shorts do it all.

Rodan and Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. This stuff is INCREDIBLE! Since I'm predominantly in flip flops, my feet have been super dry. Despite getting a pedicure every other week, I've still had rough dry spots on my heels. After using this paste, which smells incredible, I've noticed an incredible change for the better! This little bit of pampering always brightens my day!

Babies R Us Maternity Pillow. This thing has been a LIFESAVER! Although Mr. Miller has ALSO found it to be extremely comfortable, I always win the battle in the end ;-). The best part about it is that it doubles as a boppy (nursing pillow and back support for Henry when he's older!). AKA I didn't need to buy two separate products to do three jobs. I also love the neutral colors and that I can take the cover off to wash.

Someone was super scared of this pillow when it first arrive. Now he wants EVERYTHING to do with it. 

Blizzards, OBVIOUSLY. Did you hear?! NYC got a DAIRY QUEEN! I grew up with one a mile from my house, so whenever I go home I get a blizzard! Now it's possible to take the train to snag a delicious frozen treat. Like Saturday night, for instance, when we drove in at 9pmenjoyed one...then got a $60 ticket because meters were in effect until 10pm (?!), then we sat in over an hour of traffic on the Queensboro Bridge and witnessed a lady peeing on it. See? Blizzards create magical moments.

I got the "Big Apple", my companions got oreo cheesecake and s'more. All delicious. Unlike the ticket and traffic.

How about you? What are some of your favorite things lately? What is your favorite summer treat? Tried any good beauty products lately? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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