Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Henry: One Month

Yea, we did it! Henry is one month old! This is a bit late (Really he is 5.5 weeks old), but we were in CT all last week and (new) mommy forgot his one month sticker!!! Here are a few highlights for this little baby we love and adore:

  • Henry went from 5lbs 12oz when we left the hospital to 8lbs 4oz! (Tonight we get an updated weight!)
  • He just moved from newborn size to his vast collection of 0-3 months clothes!
  • Mommy and daddy are TRYING to cope with the ever changing sleep patterns; 2 hours between feeds, then 3 1/2 hours between feeds....then back to 2 hours?! We'll even out eventually (*I HOPE)!
  • Henry has been to Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn...all in one day! 
  • He met ALL 13 of his cousins last week!
  • Puppy brother Lambeau is slowly accepting him as part of the family...no licking yet, but he certainly checks on him and naps nearby.
  • He is finally getting used to baths....he was NOT a fan at first.
  • We read to him a lot...he often looks at the books with interest...unless he is falling asleep. Current favorites are Goodnight Moon, Little Lion (From the Central Park Zoo), and a pattern book with no words. 
  • I have finally been cleared to walk with him, and Henry has become more and more comfortable in his BOB stroller. 
  • He loves his Rock and Play. Plain and simple, that thing is a Godsend (Yes mom and Kate, you told me so). 
  • Henry is a great baby; he doesn't often cry unless something is wrong that we can fix.
We love this little guy so much. Despite all the tough stuff (recovery, sleep deprivation, etc), he is 100% worth it! 

Happy One Month Little Lion Man!

He was really excited about being a month old!

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