Friday, August 1, 2014

Starting at Square One

It has been a season of firsts! Henry has enjoyed some travels to visit family, including Connecticut and a plane ride to a family reunion to Wisconsin! Here are a few of his first moments:

 #HenryLittleLionMan was unimpressed with the beach ;-) He slept the whole time!

 Henry's first trip to Central Park! We recreated one of our maternity photos.

 Henry's first (of FOUR) plane rides! The pilot was so smitten she invited us into the cockpit...and the copilot offered us his seat because he has an 18 month old named Henry #BestNamEever
 Henry's first Wisconsin trip! We enjoyed our time with Mr. Miller's family by the Mississippi (You know I spelled that out loud as I typed!) River celebrating his grandparent's 65th Anniversary! 

Henry's first swim! The face is all "Why mommy WHHHYYYYYY?!" 

Which leads to mommy's first today. Today marks 8 weeks since this little guy came into the outside world. 

My skinny boy now has a double chin and arm rolls! sob....especially since the Johnson's Baby "You're doing okay mom" commercial just played....

I've been given the okay to swim, so tonight, I will be starting at square one with my fitness. It has been a struggle to recover, be limited, and respect c sections as a major surgery. I'm ready to get back at it with a swim tonight at my favorite summer spot.

Check out my post on lap swimming etiquette 

I have zero expectations. I'm so nervous to get back to working out because I feel so loose and unfit. I love listening to Coldplay's Square One, it's definitely how I'm feeling these days! My body is hanging on to 20lbs of baby love, so taking this first step is really exciting. I will report back with the good, the bad and the ugly! ;-)

How about you? Any advice for starting over? TELL ME ABOUT IT!
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