Friday, October 17, 2008

Beat the bus!

So, this is a story about beating the bus!!! Ha ha ha. This is on Steinway and Broadway, and I run up Broadway, so I found it highly ironic that I found a picture on google of the EXACT spot that I run on! Anyway, we started at the same point (I will not divulge the exact location for those stalkers out there!) and I beat it to the gym!!! (I run a mile to the gym just to get me going) It was so funny to think I could run faster than the bus at 3:30 when there's a lot of traffic.

Speaking getting places when Brian called me this morning and said, "Good morning." My immediate response was to LOUDLY say, "WHAT TIME IS IT?!" "Huh?" "WHAT TIME IS IT?!?!?!?!" The sun was up. I knew what that meant. I overslept. A lot. The sun doesn't come up till about 20 minutes after I wake up. And it was bright. REALLY bright. 7:45. School begins at 8:10. SHOOT. So, showerless, but with teeth brushed, I throw on clothes (A VERY wrinkled polo and jeans and clogs requiring no socks, too much effort) and run myself down the stairs and to the subway. Thank GOD it takes me 15 minutes or less to get to work. Thank GOD I can run fast in the clogs! I called to say I was running late and would POSSIBLY be late. I made it with ONE minute to spare. I now sit here, with my schedule completely changed from what it was supposed to be, tired and disheveled, and wondering, why didn't I wake up?! I know I set my alarm. But hey, just like any kid's story, it all worked out. I arrived on time. Still holding to the "never has been late" status that I have maintained since last January.

Have you ever done that???
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