Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Manchester Road Race

With the race a little over a month away, I'm starting to get excited about running it! What is the Manchester Road Race, you might ask? Here is a quick snapshot:

- It's a 5 (4.78 mile) mile race on Thanksgiving that I run every year!

- You get there by the 10am shotgun, so probably about 9am to stretch and run around a bit (I always eat a banana before I go!)

- You run into the "alley", which is a fancy way for 12,000 runners to "take their marks"

- The shotgun goes off...and because there are SO many people, you don't move! You have to wait for the thousands in front of you to run, and so on. Thank goodness it's an electronic chip recording system, so your time doesn't start till you cross the magnetic pads!

- By mile 1 the ameteurs are weeded out. People wheezing, coughing, barely breathing, AND IN MY WAY!

- Mile 3 is HARD it's totally uphill till about the 4th mile. It's tough. This weeds out the good runners who didn't train and walk on the sides. Also, it's when I usually get a horrible cramp!

- Mile 4 is amazing, bagpipe bands playing, you can hear the finish line announcer in the distance, it's great.

- Finishing is incredible. I run across that finish line knowing I get THANKSGIVING DINNER!

- Even though there are THOUSANDS (not joking over 12,000) people milling about, you still run into your old neighbor, a family friend, or an old aquaintance, it's the best part!

So, if you want to join me, come on down!

Below is my main competition (Since I'm a SLOW runner!)

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