Thursday, November 20, 2008


Check out the counter ladies and gents, one month from today I will be MRS. KRISTIN MILLER!!!!!! Oh it's so exciting I can barely stand it!!!! Wow. Pictured is the reception/ceremony site, Glastonbury Hills Country Club! It's not going to have the autumn foliage but we're crossing our fingers for a light snowfall during the ceremony with the awesome open windows! That is actually where the altar will be, made of a "hoopa" aka a garden arbor (For those of you who have watched Meet the Parents, you get me)

I've been running really consistently again, for almost two weeks I barely did any because I was so busy, not feeling well, and was completely run down. I'm still hoping and believing for no sickness colds etc!!! I will be running the Manchester Road Race next Thursday, it looks like it's going to be a COLD one again! My first one was really cold, one was rainy, but the rest have been fairly mild...last year was close to 60 degrees! But I've really been enjoying my long runs around my neighborhood, I've been doing 5.5 miles, it's just a big rectangle twice, but it's been a huge stress reliever for me!
Thanksgiving is's going to be an INSANE weekend! So much to do, my "to do" list is 3 post-it's long!!! Unbelievable but true. I'm really looking forward to the next month though, the end is near but it's been so enjoyable so far, and the season in which we are entering (can anyone say CHRISTMAS?!) makes it even happier! I keep walking into work every morning with the chorus group practicing Christmas songs, it's incredible. We're even including some Christmas music for the reception which is a DREAM COME TRUE!
I'm really overwhelmed at this very moment by how happy I am. Truly happy. I am marrying the love of my life. Brian has been incredible throughout this whole process, and supportive beyond words.
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