Friday, November 7, 2008

What I've been up to....

So my internet hasn't been allowing me to post pictures, so strange, some stupid securties settings, but here's some of the highlights from the past couple of months!

My attempt at being artsy at our last Yankee Game :-( (New stadium next year!)
Uconn Football Game! My brother Jaime and his wife Deb

Amanda got married and she looked AMAZING!
Brian and I are SO excited for the wedding! One month and 13 days away, time is FLYING! This has been the perfect time balance. We're both working and super busy with school, college, small groups and pre marital counseling!!! But we're loving every moment of it. He has put up with me, and thankfully I haven't had any MAJOR meltdowns, just itty bitty ones.... :-D
Blogland has not been having any posts from me, I'm sorry for that! I have been blogstalking everyone else though :-)
Happy Fall!

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