Saturday, February 14, 2009

1/2 Marathon: Week 1

SOOOOOOOOO This is officially week one DONE of my half marathon training!!! It's been great. I did a long run on Sunday and it was 8 1/2 miles! I LOVED it; I went over the Queensbridge into Manhattan, ran to 5th avenue and 59th st, and ran up "Museum Mile" till 96th st. (Museum Mile includes the Met and the Naturual History Museum amongst a TON of others!) This week I'm on February break in VA Beach with my (amazing) Husband and we are jump starting my training in (Slightly) warmer weather....which means 10 degrees warmer than NYC :-( But we'll take what we can get!!! The half marathon is in April, but the picture above depicts a future possible half church is organizing a running group to run in the NYC Marathon, but only do the half, and raising money for cancer all at the same time! I'm really excited and pumped about this, so I'm in a 10 week training program and I'll keep you updated. I'm sure you're all avid readers and want to know ;-)
For Valentines Day we woke up at 5:40am and got in the car by 6am to drive to VA Beach! Along the way Brian had some surprises; we at breakfast at Perkins, a chain restaurant that Brian loved growing up. And the second surprise was visiting outlets and a winery in Delaware, SO much fun! The best was this blueberry wine, it was a "red" but semi dry, so strange that it's 100% blueberries!
Alright all, till next time...
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