Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week 3: Half Marathon Training Part I


Ok, so this week isn't going as planned. First of all, I'm still "injured". Maybe it's heel spurs? I don't know. But needless to say, my husband kept me from the gym yesterday because he knew I would over do it, and today I have night class immediately after work, so Tuesday is a "non gym day" anyway. Sad. Tomorrow is my big day back, I have to make up my miles!!!

Being back to work after break is, well, work. Tough beginning of the week, but we'll see how it ends up. The kids are a little wild and all of us are craving another break...the line going around school is, "I need a vacation from vacation!" The ride back from VA Beach was great, it went by really quickly. We thoroughly enjoyed our game "Read the town sayings" below the town's name. For instance, the town I'm from, Manchester CT, has the slogan, "City with village charm". It's hysterical. Next time we go to VA Beach we will write them down. (We're nerds, leave us alone...)

Till next time, do what makes you feel BEAUTIFUL!
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