Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's hump day....

First of all, let's attend to information about my class. It's grammar. But not your mother's grammar. NO, this is CRAZY grammar, and I hate it. I got a 73 on a quiz that I got to take with someone else too. No one really did well, because it's too much info and SO confusing and fast! I have 3 classes left and can't wait to be done. Ugh. I want my summer to begin! Plus we have a paper due tomorrow, and she surprised us with announcing ANOTHER QUIZ tomorrow! She's NUTS! I'm trying so hard and feel so overwhelmed...that's why I'm going to study tonight...while getting a pedicure... ;-D

Speaking of summer...7 days of school left! (As of 3:07 today!....I really consider this school day done as of 12:55 though, I'm on my break and only have 1 more class to teach!) And the last day is a half day, so let's say 6 1/2 to be the glass half ful kind of people! Next week I have two coverages too; on monday I'm helping with graduation, and Thursday I'm helping with field day; therefore I have 4 1/2 INSTRUCTIONAL DAYS left! Can I just say, all my charts are done, and I will not be planning for the rest of the SCHOOL YEAR! What a freeing feeling. I love it.

Running. UGH. I've been trying so hard, but I've been getting horrible heartburn during runs! I pounded out a 6 mile run Sunday, a 4 mile treadmill run Monay, skipped Tuesday for class, and now I'm hoping for 6-8 miles today. I got heartburn from eating vegatables before running. I know I know. Strange. Carrots specifically. And then I also ate too close to the time of running...I seriously need 3+ hrs to digest before running. That's why for lunch I only eat a fiber one bar and a banana, because when I work out I can't be full! Sometimes when I get home I'll snag a saltine or two or a piece of bread. I've learned carrots are not my friends anymore. Oh, congrats are in order...

MY HUSBY BRIAN RAN 4 MILES!!! He's been building up his mileage recently, and he was inspired the other day to do 4 miles! I'm so proud of him. I love how he's athletic; he plays basketball a lot, and goes to the gym with me, and even more than me at times. Now if only I could get him to take me for a stroll after dinner sometimes...

Weather. It has been AWFUL! Raining right when I get out of work. This weekend is calling for rain. UGH I can't take it anymore! We have a deluge of weather in the northeast that I can't stand any long! MAKE IT GO AWAY! COME AGAIN NO OTHER DAY!

Shoutout to Anna and Sarah, keep up the great work ladies! You're going to do great in your upcoming races. (I'm not fancy, I don't know how to do the links to their blogspots!) My 4 sisters want me to do a 5k in Hartford in July...I said only if we have matching shirts!!!

I will attempt to post race pics from a couple of weeks ago...sorry Laurie, I've been swamped!
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