Thursday, June 4, 2009

Running blues

So let's just say, I've been looking forward to working out all day. I mean ALL DAY. Since last night. I found out my college has a nice gym, and if I come straight from school I can get at least a 45 min workout in before my FIVE HOURS of sitting begins. So back to today. I knew I wanted to go running because today we had a special "potluck lunch". Now, this was no ordinary lunch. I'm talking TRUE ethnic foods; Jamaican jerk chicken, chili, rice and beans, chicken salad, lo mein, zuchinni and asparagus pie; all HOMEMADE. Plus for dessert we had a black russian cake AND flan. I know I know; need I say more?! Anyway, I ate a lot at, let's be honest. I was good with the food, even though it was incredible, but I had a piece of flan AND two pieces of chocolate cake. My friend Alyssa said, "Wow Kristin, I've never seen you eat cake, let alone that much!" Yes ladies, I lost control for a minute. But it was gooooooooooooooooood! Anyway, so you can all understand my added insistence that I exercise before class.

I jumped through all their hoops; I got my form filled out, printed my current semester bill; EVERYTHING. but alas, I took out my student id last night and forgot to put it back in my wallet. They wouldn't let me near the gym. I'm SO angry. I was so pumped and then completely let down. On top of that, I tried to leave my bags with security so I could at least get a run outside done, but noooooooooooooo, can't do that either (honestly, I'd be stupid to leave my bags with a stranger, security or no security, but I was desperate). So here I am, in my running clothes, in the library, sad. SO sad. Ugh. I have runners blues.

Tomorrow it's going to rain. No running outside then either.

Saturday I work at the restaurant and I NEVER muster the energy to run in the morning...I usually make us a nice breakfast. Sunday is the race. At least there's going to be good weather for that.
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