Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's been a while....

Are you sure you want to do this?!

Hi! Ha yes I haven't written between father's day, my class at night, craziness at work, a Beyonce concert (Yea, you read right!), I've been in a whirlwind that's TECHNICALLY coming to the end....and in comes SUMMER! Welcome summer! I've missed you. I hope you enjoy my pics from my race...from June 7...whoops! Backed up major! Also, when I post them into my blog, it comes out as script and not the actual pic, so I never know what order there in! Am I the only one this happens to?! Help!

Running has been ok. I'm signing up for a half marathon in the Hamptons in September which is exciting. I can't wait to have a training program again! I feel listless without it...not a good feeling. But I have been more effective on the treadmill lately. The weather has been SO bad that I've had to workout indoors more often than not, and I've come to terms with the treadmill and we're getting along again. Now, you have to understand, I'm the chic who will run outside even if there's snow on the ground. There's nothing running gloves, a hat and a sweatshirt with moisture wicking clothes can't solve! So I only run inside when it's REALLY cold out, like you breath in and your lungs collapse cold (aka below 32 degrees). Therefore, running in the rain is also a fun thing for me! But alas, my husband kinda wants me to stick around, and he regularly forbids me from running in the rain...when thunder and lightening are joinng into the fun...which is EVERYDAY right now in NYC. UGH. I want to soak up the sun!

Speaking of the sun...well, school is out! YEA! It's been a busy couple of days but so fun. Friday night we hung out with friends at a couple of different parties, and Saturday we went to Jones beach! I rememberd to apply sunblock to everywhere except my chest, but I'm still not even in that much pain ;-) I love the sun and don't mind burns. But don't worry, I always apply block, ESPECIALLY to my face!

I will be posting about my running plan soon. My childhood neighbor Mark is an amazing runner, he's done 4 marathons (Including Disney and Boston!), and is training for the NYC marathon this fall. He said I will be his protege to try out some different training styles, so I'll keep you posted when he keeps ME posted! Ha.

Summer plans:
- DISNEY ON TUESDAY! YEAAAAAAAA! We're there for a whole week, oh boy!
- Kings of Leon concert on the today show soon!
- Dave Matthews Concert at Jones Beach July 20
- Jodi and Alex's wedding in PA on July 24!
- VA Beach with my family mid August
- LOTS OF RUNNING and working at the restaurant!

Ah. Well, now I'm off to run, then a pedi, and brunch with my girl Sandy!
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