Thursday, July 30, 2009

Speedwork, Annie Dog, and a scramble!

Yes, that's me, yet again jumping into the pool after a hot run with speedwork! It was hot but I knew I needed to get it done, so after coffee I went at it. I did a 3 mile speedwork run where I pushed myself consistently and focused on, well, being FOCUSED! I tend to go off in my mind and be smooth but not timely in my runs. So I stayed on straightaways and only did a couple of hills so I could really push it. Then, as a 1.5 mile cooldown/easy run, I picked up my Annie dog. SHE IS SO LAZY! My dad claims she's a "house dog"...SHE'S A BLACK LAB! She pooped TWICE, I know I know, TMI, but I had to clean it up! UGH! She slows me down but she needs the workout. She just doesn't work as hard as me in the heat! Poor old the ripe old age of 3, which in human years is 21. But today was the first day that the pool was WARM and not cold! Oh boy, that means the temp got high enough to keep the water closer to lukewarm rather than frigid.
On another note, I was a spectator at a race today! My sister Jen and her hubby Jon ran a 5k "scramble", which goes over all sorts of terrain; cement, stairs, grass, trails, everything! They were TIRED at the end, but they were encouraged by my BEAUTIFUL sign that I whipped up in a jiffy! I know how important it is to have support when running, so we (Myself, Bri, and my sis Melissa) cheered loud and proud for the Clark duo! My sign read "Go JC2" the two was the exponent 2 because they have the same initials "JC". So, great job Jon, who came in just over 24 minutes, and great job Jen, who came in at about 25:40ish! WAHOO! Still beat my 5k on calmer terrain!
In other news, I want a Garmin. I mean I REALLY want a Garmin. If anyone wants to get me one, by all means, I'm willing to receive it.
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