Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good bye to an old friend

Ok I haven't blogged in a hot apologies to you adoring fans! But I've committed to a cleanse and it's REALLY unfortunate and I hate it...I've gotten used to it, but I still don't like it. I've also faced some personal setbacks, so this is also a sad blog.

Ok. So I've been having some issues with food and digestion lately, and a friend suggested the candida diet to do a "natural health cleanse". So far, I think it's helped. I don't want to list all the do's and don't's, look it up if you wish. But basically, it's no carbs, no sugar, NO COFFEE, no nothin' that isn't natural! I've enjoyed being more "natural", but my energy level, YET AGAIN, has been low. This has taught me (Minus any workout) to be more conscious of what I'm eating; aka white flour vs wheat flour, etc etc. But boy oh boy, have I found a love for organic buckwheat pancakes!!!

On a sad note....

4 years ago, a man named Kevin Greene hired me at ESPN Zone in Times Square. I only had hostess experience with the Olive Garden in CT. I sold myself by saying, "I was supposed to work as a server in CT. If you hire me here as a server, I guarantee you I won't disappoint you." 4 years later, the doors of ESPN Zone closed unexpectedly. It's pretty sad. For one full year, I worked there full time; Monday & Wednesday lunch, Friday night Saturday double. When I graduated (After paying my Nyack bill in CASH and debt free - thanks ESPN) I got accepted into the Teaching Fellows, an amazing program that, by God's amazing blessing, I got in to. After that, the lovely Dave Bryson, GM of "The Zone", let me stay ESPN on Saturdays during the school year while I taught, and allowed me to work during the summer 3-4 shifts a week. It was a great job. I loved the people. They became my NYC family. But, last Wednesday, we found out they were closing. Now it's all over. I've cried my tears, hugged my friends, and gotten my severance check (!). I got hired at a tutoring institute. Wow. No more restaurant work for me? We'll see. This summer seems like a big mystery. I'm really nostalgic concerning my Zone friends, and how my summer doesn't include me there a few times a week. I'll miss the "dead" cookie sundae, seeing random celebrities (especially visiting MLB players), and most of all, the people.

Kevin Greene, you gave me a job when I didn't have any experience but a lot of enthusiasm to learn. Johnny Brasco, you showed me the rules of the Zone and how to get things done and "manage" each table...especially world cup tables...Katie Xanthis, now married with a a beautiful baby, you gave me the in's and out's of having an overloaded section and how to handle Europeans. I'll never forget the Monday "Get Fresh Crew", as well as confusing Ryan Matthews for my (now) husband.

Thanks ESPN Zone, for 4 years of being a server, and making incredible friends and meeting/seeing some pretty cool guests (Mark Wahlburg, Andy Pettitte, TI, the dad from the OC, POD, all 3 top NBa drafts two years ago, Nadal, Elizabeth from the View, Vanessa Manillo, Pixie Lott, and many many more...)

Ode to ESPN Zone: I'll miss you; no, people of ESPN Zone, I'll miss you most.
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