Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dog days of summer

So, Lambeau has decided that between 7-7:30am, when the sun hits his favorite perch on the back of our couch, it's time to get a tan! He sits in the intense sun and lays out as long as he can stretch. If you touch him, he's incredibly warm...and loves it! My breakfast time is a lot more relaxing without him crying/barking at me to throw his ball for him. He's such a teenager.

I can't wait to have the "Lambeau way of life" in 3 1/2 days!!! (School days that is!) Seriously, this last week is completely unnecessary and tedious and needs to end like NOW. Had a (beautiful) wedding Sunday, work end of year party Monday, and I'm TIRED!

In second job news, I got a SAT tutoring job with a company called Chyten. They are really high caliber, specializing in one on one tutoring. Largest groups they ever have are 3-5 students, and you get paid a lot more for that (Unlike Kaplan or Sylvan which are all group based). We'll see how this goes!

Running. Oh running. If I don't run 7 miles at one time within the next week and a half I'm throwing in the marathon towel. I'm sucking wind (Literally) right now. I was going well with 5am days, but I'm just DRAINED again! The heat shot up and we've been 85+ for well over a week, and it's 75 by 6am, which is NASTY and HUMID! EW!

Oh to be Lambeau...sleeping the morning away while basking in the sun...
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