Sunday, June 27, 2010

Marathon hopes and dreams and birthday parties galore!

UPDATED: I added the most recent sister picture! ;-)

(Note: Picture is from one year ago) HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY MELISSA! (Far left) This weekend we threw her a SURPRISE 40th birthday party and it was FABULOUS! Meliss is a great sissy and doesn't look a day over 30. An updated picture will be uploaded soon enough from the party. (A bad case of food poisoning has prevented uploading thus far!)

On to marathon thoughts. I know I seem melancholy and forlorn concerning this HUGE step in my running life, but seriously, I've been a crank pot for a couple of weeks! Attitude is EVERYTHING! I think the change in summer job schedule and my reduced workload (Inevitably less money), and being there for my hubby while he goes on interviews has really drained me. I want to be the girl in this picture who was having fun and looked forward to daily runs!!! After talking with some people at the party, I think I'm finally there (My brother-in-law is training for the same marathon as myself, and the other person is an experienced marathoner and cyclist). Here are my proactive steps I plan to take to kick my butt into gear. I'll call this my "July Jump Start".

July Jump Start Plan:

- Join a running group. There's one that meets in the park a mile away from me. I plan on joining this week. They meet 4 times a week including a long run. PERFECT for my training schedule!

- The public pool is opening. I'm going to try to swim.

- I'm going to know my limits, but take advantage of my time off and really focus on consistency and quality.


Well, we'll see how this goes! Someone said something to me at the party that stuck with me,

"Well Kristin, looks like you've done everything you set out to do!" (Referring to my life plans at age 16!) And, well, I have! It was a funny thought; I got married at 24 like I wanted, I became a teacher, got my master's, it's fabulous! I need to refocus on the positives instead of majoring on the negatives.

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